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There’s a reason Barcelona is featured on most curious travellers’ bucket list. The cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean has it all, from stunning beaches, vibrant festivals, jaw-dropping architecture and tapas you will drool over for weeks to follow. Indulge in Barcelona’s fascinating history on a stroll through the Gothic Quarter, and feast your eyes on Gaudi’s genius architectural designs. Whether you’re an art-lover or a party animal, Barcelona is Europe’s favourite city-beach combo bursting with places to discover...

Our Barcelona Hostel

Our St Christopher’s Inns hostel is perfectly located right in the centre of Barcelona, just an 8 minutes bike ride away from the beach and 3 minutes walk from La Rambla.

Our Barcelona Tours

Looking for a fun tour in Barcelona? Here at St Christopher’s Inns, we’ve handpicked some awesome tours that we think our guests will enjoy. Tours are a great way to experience a new place and meet new people from all walks of life, check out the tours below….


If you’re planning a trip to the Catalan capital, you’ll want to have a rough idea of what to do while you’re there. To help you out, we’ve crafted travel guides, currency tips and an interactive map so that you can make the most of your trip. From the where to eat, where to drink to the city’s best art spots, use this resource as your guide to Barcelona...


Barcelona’s radiant climate lends itself well to being the perfect city break at any time of the year, AND you’ll even benefit from sunny winters!

Spring & Summer

Beaches, Markets, Al-fresco coffee, Rooftop drinks, admire Gaudi’s work, Panoramic views, Park Guell, Barcelona Beer Festival, Sightseeing, Museums and Galleries, Sandemans Free walking tours, Barcelona FC Football Game


Galleries, eat at the Mercat de Mercats festival, dance at the Mercè Festival, experience the Catalan version of Halloween (La Castanyada), National Day of Catalonia,  Barcelona FC Football Game


Museums and Galleries, Nativity scene at Placa Sant Jaume, the Christmas market at fira de Santa Llucia, go Sightseeing but without the huge crowds, indulge in seasonal delicacies such as churros and chocolate sauce, Barcelona FC Football Game


One of Barcelona’s major bonuses is its all year round sunny weather. August is generally the hottest month of the year with highs of 34 degrees but be warned that the humidity will be sure to make it feel even warmer. Winters are chillier with some rainy days but still mild with temperatures averaging around 14 degrees between November and February, however you’ll still find locals donning their speedos for a dip in the Med. Visit the city in spring to indulge in their huge annual Barcelona Beer Festival in April, or fly over in autumn for the time of your life during their numerous food and music festivities.

Current Conditions

Survival Tips

  • 1

    Buy a T-10 transport pass Buy a T-10 transport pass for €10 to save 50% on 10 bus, tram, metro and train journeys.
  • 2

    Clubbing A lot of clubs are free before 2am which is also when almost all bars close.
  • 3

    Ordering Drinks Don’t bother buying double spirit and mixers as a single measure is a whopping 70-80cl!
  • 4

    Pickpockets Watch out for pickpockets; they are not violent or dangerous but they are very sneaky.
  • 5

    Tipping etiquette A 10% tip is more than enough on a food or drinks bill where you have had table service.
  • 6

    Dinner time Spanish people eat between 10pm and midnight. Beat the crowds, eat at a normal time!
  • 7

    Language Many of Barcelona's residents don't speak Catalan, but it always helps to try and learn greetings.
  • 8

    Strikes There are many strikes and holidays where things close in Barcelona, so check before you go.


  • Coffee from a cafe
    €1,50 - €3,00
  • Pint of beer
    €3,00 - €5,00
  • Glass of wine in restaurant
    €1,50 - €3,50
  • Light lunch in a cafe
  • Bike hire per hour
    €10,00 - €15,00
  • 2-day Barcelona Tourist Card
  • Dinner with wine
    €15,00 - €30,00
  • Cigarettes
  • Bottle of water
    €0,70 (from a store)
  • Tapas
    €4,00 - €5,00 each
  • One-way Metro ticket
  • Sandwich
    €1,00 - €4,00

Free Things to do in Barcelona

On a budget while visiting Barcelona? We’ve got your trip to the Catalonian capital covered so you can experience more of its culture for far fewer euros. From fiery festivals to the best spots for sunbathing, there are plenty of things to do during a trip to Barcelona that will make your money stretch almost as long as La Rambla…

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Get to grips with some of the Spanish language: here are some basics

  • 1

    Hello / Goodbye
    Hola / Adiós
  • 2

    How are you?
    Cómo estás?
  • 3

    Please / Thank you
    Por favor / Gracias
  • 4

    What is your name?
    Cuál es tu nombre?
  • 5

    How much is it?
    Cuánto cuesta?
  • 6

    I would like a beer
    Me gustaría una cerveza
  • 7

    Yes / No
    Sí / No
  • 8

    Please can I have directions?
    Por favor puedo tener indicaciones?