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WHY WE HEART Copenhagen

We challenge you to find a Scandinavian city cooler than Copenhagen. Renowned for its colourful-lined townhouses and beautiful canals, the Danish capital is definitely a place to visit atleast once in your life. From royal castles and quirky street art in Christiana, to museums and bustling markets, there's an abundance of fun to be had. Get a rush at Tivoli Gardens, the world’s second oldest amusement park, or wander around the waterfront of Nyvayn. Whether you’re after culture, a cool, chilled vibe or an insane night out, check into Copenhagen and you’re in for a treat...

Our Copenhagen Hostel

Copenhagen Downtown hostel is perfectly located right in the city centre with free Wifi and a free evening meal when you stay. The Scandinavian-style on-site bar is just as popular with locals as it is travellers and with free entry for guests to a nearby club, you’re in for an awesome party.

Our Copenhagen Tours

Looking for a fun tour in Copenhagen? Here at St Christopher’s Inns, we’ve handpicked some awesome tours that we think our guests will enjoy. Tours are a great way to experience a new place and meet new people from all walks of life, check out the tours below….


If you’re planning a trip to the Danish capital, look no further. To help you, we’ve put together travel guides, weather advice, survival tips and more so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you arrive. Use this resource as a guide for your first visit to Copenhagen...


There’s so much to do in Copenhagen at any time of year.

Spring & Summer

Free walking tour, Tivoli Gardens, Parks and Gardens, shopping on Stroget street, Nyhavn, Freetown Christiania, Frederiksborg Castle, Kronborg Castle, Papiroen market, the Round Tower


Tivoli Gardens, Shopping, Carlsberg Museum, Frederiksborg Castle, Kronborg Castle, food markets


Christmas markets, cosy pub, Ice Skating, Carlsberg museum, Papiroen market, Tivoli Gardens


From December to February, Copenhagen experiences it’s coldest weather, with temperatures sometimes dropping below zero degrees (just pack lots of warm layers, drink plenty of hot Danish coffee and you’ll be toasty!). It’s warmest months are July and August, with sunny skies for most of the month and temperatures hitting the twenties. Although sometimes wet, the city is still glorious 12 months of the year, whatever the weather!

Current Conditions


  • DO Ride a bike In Europe’s cycling capital, do like the locals and hire a bike out from the hostel for just 80DKK (about £9). This is the best way to explore the city. Use our Copenhagen Cycling Guide for more tips if you’re on two wheels…
  • Eat Local Danish Treats There are plenty of places in the city to get a taste for local cuisine. Danish cheese, flødeboller, smørrebrød, licorice and savoury porridge, Head to the food markets Torvehallerne or Copenhagen Street Food Market to fill your stomach.
  • Travelling from the airport If you fly into Copenhagen airport, the city centre is easily reached by taking the train in just 13 minutes. Trains depart from Terminal 3 every 10 minutes.
  • For the best coffee Copenhagen Coffee Lab if they're out for great coffee. For more caffeine tips, check out our article on the 7 Best Coffeeshops in Copenhagen
  • There’s so much to do If you’re in Copenhagen for just a couple of days, it’s impossible to fit every sight in. But use our round-up of the Top 10 Things to do so you don’t miss anything worthwhile
  • Tipping culture Tipping isn’t usually expected and service is usually added onto the end of your bill. If you do receive amazing service though, feel free to tip your waiter around 50 Kr which is about £10.
  • Be cautious in Christiana A free state within Denmark where there are no laws and no cars allowed (it’s so worth the visit). Known as the hippy part of town, you can travel there by bike but don’t take photos around Pusher’s Street where drug deals often take place.
  • Don’t be too polite No need to be too polite. Please and thank you is appreciated but the British tend to overdo it, which will weird out most danes.
  • Our top bar recommendations The Bird and the Churchkey is an awesome gin bar. For great cocktails head to Lidkøb or Ruby. The second one has been rated #34 bar in the world.
  • The best hidden gem You simply must visit the new Carlsberg Glyptotek Terrace - an amazing art gallery with a cafe and garden boasting amazing views. This place is hidden fairly well unless you know where it is


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  • Coffee
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Copenhagen on a Budget: A 48 Hour Itinerary

Copenhagen is an amazing city. It's packed full of life, colour and stunning sights, plus delicious coffee and pastries can be found literally around every corner. While Copenhagen is known for having a slightly higher price tag than other cities, it's actually really easy to plan an itinerary where spending your krona isn't the basis of everything. With only two days to explore Copenhagen and more than just a few things on our list of must-sees (plus a budget to stick to), making a plan really was necessary.

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