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Another side to Berlin - Our favourite city reimagined

Berlin Parks

“Berlin boasts 2,500 public parks”

For a city that’s as much about the vibrant nightlife as it is the raw history, Berlin- a bustling metropolis of freedom and choice is, on occasion, worshipped for everything but her verdant beauty. Did you know that Berlin boasts 2,500 public parks and gardens? In fact, almost a fifth of the city is covered with trees. With a lustrous palette of delightful leafiness to discover, it is a wonder why our daily excursions are not more frequently accompanied with an intrepid ramble into the wild.

“The Märchenbrunnen exhibits a bounty of fairytale sculptures all-around”

For the judicious decision maker, seeking the perfect partnership of both fun and serenity, is the Volkspark Friedrichshain. Located just outside the neighbourhood borders to the east of Berlin, the Friedrichshain park flaunts an array of wayward green, one glimmering pond (apt for new lovers) and the enchantingly evocative Märchenbrunnen (Fairytale Fountain) exhibiting a bounty of fairytale sculptures all- around. Almost preempted in its precision in beauty, this tranquil scene plays rhythmically with the music and laughter that unwittingly hums from afar.

“An urban paradise”

It’s hard to imagine that Berlin, a verdurous tribute to Germany’s appeal and the success of its tourism industry, claims a population of around 3.5 million. That’s one heavily trodden chunk of soil; and for those of you who are more inclined to veer off the beaten track onto slightly less familiar turf, be sure to enter the realms of true bohemia at the linear Mauer Park, an urban paradise located in the Prenzlauer Berg district.

“Rich history, progressive music and busy market trade”

With its eclectic offering of rich history, progressive music and busy market trade, Mauer Park stands to serve its visitors the ultimate Sunday experience and sure, its landscape differs a tad from the former- it’s kind of pallid and a little lifeless at first glance- but that magnetic Berlin culture you’ve surely heard about, is certainly apparent upon these unruly grounds. As for amusement, should the act of publicly imitating AC/DC’s violent head-banging be deemed appropriate enough for the (possibly) sober hours of your Sunday afternoon, revel in a dose of Mauer Park’s famed karaoke sessions- a hilarious display of shameless entertainment set before a graffiti laden backdrop, reminiscent of the city’s industrial charm. With a zesty menu to match, the park introduces colourful cuisines from all around the world. Ranging from vegan Ethiopian dishes to Uruguayan street food, the Sunday flea market also vaunts a tempting deal of interesting and obscure artifacts, perfect for the devoted hoarder with still a little backpack space to fill.

“The Volkspark Rehberge is a visual treat for the eyes”

Comparable to the kind of scene featured only in dreams, enter Volkspark Rehberge. An overspill of trees lining vast footpaths interwoven with wild animal enclosures (wild boar and roe deer reside here) this park is one for the kids. The Rehberge, set way over to the west of the city echoes striking ideals of impeccable forestry and is one of very few parks in Berlin that allow dogs to roam freely. There is no doubt about it, the Volkspark Rehberge is a visual treat for the eyes, in parts reminiscent of Paris’ Jardin des Tuileries with its ornately aligned green trees and photo opportunities galore, but this haven of picturesque beauty also welcomes an abundance of fun to be had during the winter months. With a steep toboggan run of about 300 metres in length and 20 metres in height, young and old folk alike are free to embark on this tummy turning journey south.

Posted on 07 Apr 2016

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