Seven Paris Sights for 1 Euro or Less

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Seven Paris Sights for €1 or Less

Like all world-class cities Paris is awe-inspiring but seeing all of its sights can cripple your cash flow. That’s why we searched high and low to find you the best bits - for just €1 or less.

Walk the Promenade Plantée

New York did it with the High Line but Paris knocked it out of the park with the Promenade Plantée - a park suspended above the city streets, atop 5km of disused railway viaducts. In the east of the city, this beautiful route takes you from Place de la Bastille all the way to the Charles-Péguy square. Tree lined and picture perfect, this promenade was made for Instagram, exploring and romance. You can also find art galleries aplenty in the archways beneath.

Promenade Plantée

La Galcante - the Best Kept Museum Secret in Paris

A ticket for La Louvre will wipe out a day's travel's budget faster than you can say mon dieu, but if you head to Rue Saint-Honoré, you can see something far greater, for free! Past the designer shops on the rue de l’Abre Sec, look out for door 52. This opens a passageway into Narnia (AKA a cobbled stone courtyard that leads to La Galcante). Inside you'll smell and then see the 7-million historic magazines and newspapers, in what is essentially THE press museum of Paris. Pick up a 50 cent postcard from the gift shop to help keep this little known gem around.

La Galcante

Rue Mouffetard - French Fromageries, Sweet Shops and Bakeries

If you're in the city of lights on a Saturday, this mouth watering market should not be missed! Slightly south of the Eiffel Tower and next to the Place Monge Metro, these cobbled streets are bursting with freshly baked baguettes, scrumptious smelly cheeses and gourmet candy. When you're full from the free samples, barter like a local to see what treats you pick up for one euro or less!

French Fromageries

The Secret Steps of Belleville

Montmartre is famous as one of the best view spots in Paris, high enough to take in the whole city scape, but it's also heaving with tourists! If you can spare the time, google map and save for offline - Rue des Courones, and nearby Metro Stop - Courones. Equal in height to Montmatre and boasting superior views (because they include Monmatre), the hidden steps here will take you to the peak of Parc de Belleville. Beyond being picture perfect, this view point also opens out onto antique shops, local wine bars and rustic bridges spanning overgrown railroads.

Belleville View

Free Open Air Cinema at Parc de la Villette

The only thing better than a euro or less is free, and that that’s what you get with the awesome open-air cinema in Parc de Vilette. A short walk from the St Christopher’s Canal hostel, the free outdoor films here kick off in July and include everything from blockbusters to classic crooners. Less than a ten-minute walk along the canal from the hostel, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Open Air Cinema

Notre-Dame Delights

It's one of the most iconic sights in Paris and someone is definitely missing a trick here - because IT'S FREE! Perched on the Île de la Cité in the centre of the Seine, this beautifully put together cathedral is definitely worth a half-day, just to take in the awesome architecture, and surrounding street artists. You'll find this one in the fourth arrondissement - Metro Stop Cité.


Cimitière du Père Lachaise

Touring a cemetery because it’s free might sound like we’re grasping at straws, but stay with it. Cimitière du Père Lachaise isn’'t just any old cemetery - it’s also the final resting place for dozens of departed celebrities, authors, entertainers and world-renowned super-stars. Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Samuel Beckett and Jean-Paul Sartre are just some of the names who draw the crowds to this beautiful, 200-acre sight. Grab a 50-cent map from out front to help you navigate.

Cimitière du Montparnasse

- Rob Savage

Posted on 13 Mar 2015

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