Welcome to St Christopher’s Inns Eh!

St Christopher’s Inns, well known as one of the top 10 hostels in Europe, offers clean, safe, and cheap hostel and budget accommodation for backpackers and travellers from all over the world. But that’s enough boring stuff eh!  Basically, we are all about pure, all consuming, self-indulgent, and often excessive, fun.  This is especially true of The Village - our hostel in London! Our bars and hostels are staffed by backpackers who not only know what’s happening, but know how to party like a polar bear club! So don’t be a hoser eh, and stay with us!

Prices and Bookings

We have over 1000 beds with very affordable rates - even cheaper with our discounted weekly rates and specials.  Please use the booking form at the top of this page to make a general booking or look on our specials page.

Our Hostels

We have a wide range of hostels in England and Scotland - 9 in England (London, Newquay, Brighton and Bath) and 1 in Edinburgh, Scotland. We also have hostels in Amsterdam (where our own Canadian bud is on the top of the charts), Netherlands, a hostel in Bruges, Belgium and will be opening a hostel in Paris in 2007! Each hostel has it's own particular atmosphere, so please deek through the information below to find out more.

London Hostels - Bright Lights. Ancient City

Rest of England

Outside England

Other Facilities

We provide hot tubs, saunas, Sky TV (That's like TSN x 1000, you get the NHL on there too), laundry facilities (to wash that touque of yours), secure lockers and Internet to find the latest hockey scores. Some rooms even have en suite facilities!

Who am I going to be sleeping with?

You'll find travellers from just about every place you can think of - Americas, Europe, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa and Eastern Europe. You won't find a more interesting mix of people anywhere else, well maybe Toronto.

Beds & Bars

Each of our hostels has either a Belushi's Bar or St Christopher's Inn attached. St Christopher's Inns are traditional English-style pubs, and Belushi's Bars (you know, the blues brothers, that also stars our own Canadian star, Dan Ackryod) are Canadian-style bars. We have awesome parties every night of the week so don't be like Bob and Doug and come drink our strange brews!