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Why we heart London

People come from far and wide to experience the hustle and bustle of London. Some go as far as saying that London is the capital of the world - and they aren’t wrong. With so much to see from the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace to Camden market, it’s no wonder the city attracted over 31.5 million tourists last year.

Our backpacker hostels are right in the centre of it all. We have 8 in total all in fantastic locations. So have an awesome time, use our helpful guides and make memories you’ll never forget in one of Europe’s greatest cities.

The Ultimate London Travel Hub

Planning a trip to London? Our guides to the big city will make your life a whole lot easier. Packed with tips, weather updates, travel guides and maps pointing out the best places to explore, this hub has you covered if you’re visiting the Big Smoke for the first time.

Everything London has to Offer

London is split into several boroughs, 32 to be precise, from Westminster to Greenwich. So it’s pretty big. It’s easier to distinguish them as North, East, South, West and Central.

The urban metropolis is full of rich history and heritage, boasting some of the world’s greatest galleries, palaces and museums. Plus, the city is renowned for being a shopper’s paradise. Offering cuisine from all over the world and - not to mention its incredible nightlife and bars, it’s buzzing all times of the year.

We're here to help you out with our London travel guides, weather updates, currency, survival tips and understanding British slang. You'll find everything you need right here...

Everything You Need to Know About London's Climate

Current Conditions

London is happening at all times of the year. The climate in the city reflects distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter - but regardless of the weather, tourists flood to London all year round.

Light rainfall is frequent (October is the wettest, however) so pack an umbrella and a rain coat just in case. It’s not all overcast - don’t worry. July is the hottest month of the year with highs of about 34 degrees, perfect if you want to catch some rays on a rooftop bar.

The winter months can get fairly chilly with lows of 2 degrees - but it’s also the most magical time to visit, where the capital city is lit by glistening Christmas lights. Let’s be honest, nobody travels to London for a vitamin D fix.

Some Handy Tips to Survive the Urban Mayhem

  • 1

    London Underground Stand on the right of the escalators, walk on the left!
  • 2

    Always Carry ID The legal drinking age is 18 in England. Bars, clubs and supermarkets are strict on proof of ID so have yours to hand.
  • 3

    Taxies Only take black cabs or Uber's - avoid taking other minicabs at all costs.
  • 4

    London Buses The bus system is extremely convenient for connecting you to the whole of the city.
  • 5

    Tube Strikes If a dreaded tube strike takes place, plan a schedule for the day where you can walk easily from area to area. You can find out about all travel updates on
  • 6

    Tipping in London In a restaurant it is respectful to leave a tip of around 10% – 15%.
  • 7

    Covent Garden Station Take the lift - NOT THE STAIRS or you may potentially die of exhaustion!
  • 8

    Transport Etiquette If you see someone pregnant, elderly or disabled on public transport, give them your seat.

What Can You Get for Your Money in London?

  • Pint of Beer
  • Bus Ticket
  • Coffee
  • Bike Rental
  • Fish & Chips
  • A Nandos
  • Glass of Wine
    FROM £4.50
  • A Sandwich
  • Cup of Tea
  • Cigarettes
    FROM £7.25

Do it like a Londoner
Get an Oyster Card

from £5.00

For easier, quicker and cheaper travel get yourself one of these bad boys. An oyster card can be purchased from the TFL website here.

As a tourist you’ll want a Visitor Oyster Card which works on a pay as you go system. This saves you buying a ticket every time you want to hop on a tube. Just simply top it up, tap your oyster card on the yellow card reader at the barrier and go. 

Fares are cheaper with a oyster card than buying a paper ticket too. Oyster cards work on the London Underground, London Overground, buses and the DLR. Or you can simply use contactless on your credit card to tap in and out.

Find out more about Oyster Cards here.

Learn How to Talk Like a Londoner

  • 1

    Old Bill
    Refers to a policeman
  • 2

    Stands for toilet
  • 3

    To be very pleased
  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

    A Cuppa
    A cup of tea
  • 7

    Goes without saying.
  • 8

    Got a Fag?
    Got a cigarette?
  • 9