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Prague is one of the most charming historic capitals in the world. Wander through the beautiful Old Town Square, explore historic churches and old castles, however there’s way more to soak in than the city’s quaint surroundings. Prague’s brewing scene is one of the best in the world, so be sure to experience the local beer gardens and microbreweries that the Czech capital has to offer.

Heading there for the nightlife? Prague at night is unlike anywhere you’ll have ever been. The city is just as buzzing by night as it is during the day. Party at the biggest nightclub in central Europe, drink in Prague’s edgy, underground bars or dance along to some local, live music. Use our Prague Hub for everything you need to know about the Czech capital ahead of your trip… 

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  • Never exchange money on the street

  • Don’t take taxis in the city centre as they rip tourists off. Use apps like Uber instead

  • Be aware of pickpockets

  • In Czech beer bars, put a beer mat on your table to show the waiter you’d like a beer

  • Czech Koruna is the currency of the Czech Republic

  • Buy 30 min or 90 min tickets for unlimited rides on most public transport in Prague