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Energy & Utilities

Water, gas and energy aren't infinite resources, so we need to use them responsibly. With the advice of our consultants, we have already started introducing changes in our structure towards more energy- and water efficiency to reduce our environmental footprint. We can't do this without you, since you are the main occupants of our premises, so please help us by turning lights, taps and aircons off when you are not using them.

  • We will raise awareness regarding energy consumption amongst our staff and guests.
  • We will aim at replacing most light bulbs with LED's to reduce our energy consumption.
  • We will improve our practices and modernize our systems so that we can reduce our energy, gas and water consumption to a minimum.
  • We want to restructure many of our logistics so that we can reduce the CO2 footprint generated by them.

If you have any suggestions you'd like to share with us feel free to email us at greensuggestions@bedsandbars.com.