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Reception & Office

This is the the most direct contact point between you and us, so we will look at ways in which we can improve together and have an impact on the rest of the world. Remember, the hostel is not just us, it's you too!

  • We want to reduce our paper use by at least 30% by reorganizing our processes and fostering better practices amongst our staff.
  • We will introduce ‘Ditch Plastic’ initiatives such as installing water fountains at our sites so guests can refill water bottles and flasks.
  • We will place battery recycling containers at every hostel reception to encourage the recycling of old batteries. By doing this, we will ensure that more than 600 batteries per year get recycled!
  • We will raise awareness by asking our guests to only swap towels and bed sheets when needed.

If you have any suggestions you'd like to share with us feel free to email us at greensuggestions@bedsandbars.com.