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Landfills are bad for the ground and the air too, so the best way to tackle this problem is by reducing the amount of waste we produce. Besides, innumerable food and other items get thrown away while they can still be used. Our objective is to reuse and upcycle whenever possible. This will require your cooperation as well as ours, so please help us by using the right bins!

  • We want for at least 65% of the waste we produce to get recycled.
  • All of our food waste will get anaerobically digested and turned into fertilizer.
  • All of our general waste will get incinerated and turned into energy.
  • We aim to either donate or recycle all of the mattresses that we replace in our hostels.
  • We will make sure to recycle all broken or unwanted light bulbs and electronics.
  • We will donate all clothing that gets left behind and never claimed (which is a lot!) to the Salvation Army, so that people in need can access those scarves and jackets you left behind two years ago!

If you have any suggestions you'd like to share with us feel free to email us at greensuggestions@bedsandbars.com.