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  • A New Way to Meet
    Get access to an exclusive social network of backpackers. Meet new people in your hostel with real-time chat.
  • No Booking Fees
    Instantly book our award-winning hostels across Europe and the UK with no booking fees. Best price guaranteed.
  • Manage Bookings
    Modify, upgrade and store all your trips. Check-in online and skip the queue and contact reception directly.
  • Earn as you Travel
    The more you use the app, the more you’ll earn. Use your credits to save on your next trip or city tour.

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Meet New People & Save Money

  • A New Way to Connect
    Real-time chat with thousands of other travellers, and discover Europe together. Simply check-in to your hostel to get access to a private social network of other backpackers staying with St Christopher’s Inns.
  • No Booking Fees
    Book instantly with no fees, and earn credit for your next trip. Manage your reservations, tours and check-in online. The more you travel and chat, the more you'll save.

With Bookings Made Easy

  • Manage Your Bookings
    Modify, upgrade and store all your bookings in-app. Pay your balance, update your details and check-in online at your fingertips. #goosebumps
  • Secure, Fast and Hassle-Free
    Access your saved details when using the app. Add different payment methods and use multiple currency options.
  • Best Prices Guaranteed
    Get the best offers and rates. We publish the cheapest prices on our app, and the more you travel the more you’ll save.

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