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Nothing makes us happier than hearing about the epic travel memories you’ve made while staying at our hostels, and now you can shout about your adventures to our entire St Christopher’s Inns community.

Become a St Christopher’s Innsider and inspire others to travel the world in whichever way you love the most, be it through writing, photography, video or even music.

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Our Innsiders

Introducing our Innsiders. Find out more about what being an Innsider is all about and check out their contributions to our travel blog.

A young woman stands beside bunk beds in a hostel

Meet Ayana

“My best St Christopher’s experience so far was in Barcelona, Spain. I met some of the sweetest people there and ended up spending my weekend exploring the city and going to the beach with them!”

A bearded man stands beside a bridge over a river

Meet Dave

“Apart from the endless Jägerbombs and morning fry ups at Belushi's, my best St Christopher’s experience has to be sampling all the different Belgium beers on the menu at the Bauhaus bar.”

A young woman stands on a city street on a hill

Meet Hayley

“My favourite places in the world are Shakespeare and Co in Paris, Nice Beach in the French Riviera and Siem Reap in Cambodia. I’ll next stay at St Christopher’s to revisit Edinburgh.”

A young man poses in front of a cityscape

Meet Yilver

“I loved being so close to all the main places to visit in Paris during my stay at Gare du Nord - and the bar’s parties are out of this world! I had amazing nights playing beer pong, dancing & making new friends.”

A young woman sits on a canoe in front of small waterfalls

Meet Lena

"My stay at The Village was (and still is) my best hostel experience to date. Now, I’m excited to go back to London one day to relish in the incredible atmosphere and wonderful museums the city has to offer."

A young woman stands beside a paddling pool on a city rooftop

Meet Ana

“While staying in the Berlin Mitte hostel, I loved spending my early mornings on the terrace, enjoying a coffee in peace and silence. And what an amazing view of the entire city from the rooftop!”