Who are St Christopher's INNsiders?

Our INNsiders are creators from across the world, including influencers, content creators, photographers and blog writers! Anyone can become an INNsider - all you need is a passion for travel and a channel where you share your experiences. You don't need millions of followers to become part of our community, so if you're someone who loves travelling and meeting other creators, you can get involved too!

What's in it for you?

Multiple free group trips to our locations across Europe

Free activities, food and drinks in our venues

A chance to meet other passionate creators in a relaxed setting

Loyalty discounts and the chance to earn free stays

Exposure on our social media channels

Exposure on our websites and through our mailers

Some of our Innsiders

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Meet Eglantine

Hayley Ellis is a travel content creator whose aim is to encourage people to leave their comfort-zone, embrace adventure travel, and see the world through a fresh set of eyes.

Meet Hayley

young woman standing in front of hostel beds

Meet Ayana

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