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You don't need us to tell you that the world is facing a huge problem. Climate change is already affecting lives across the globe and we all need to act fast to halt the damage we are doing the ecosystems we depend on.

Nobody is perfect when it comes to sustainability - but we can all do our bit. We're adapting our processes to help our site, staff and customers be more sustainable, so whether you are staying, working or playing at St Christopher's Inns, you know you can do your bit for the climate. Find out more about our journey here...

We are on a mission to be carbon-neutral by 2030

No single-use plastics at check-in or breakfast

Sustainability training for all members of staff

Sustainable travel resources on the whole of Europe

Toiletry refill stations in our receptions

'Swap shops' for all of our hostel guests

Monthly sustainability events in the local community

How you can travel more sustainably

If you want to make your next trip more sustainable, there's a few simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the planet. If you want more tips and tricks, check out our travel blogs!

  • Staying in a hostel is a great start. Hostels on average are 75% less carbon intense than hotels, according to a recent HostelWorld survey.
  • Travelling by train instead of plane is the best way to cut your carbon emissions. If you have to fly, you can offset your emissions via a reputable source like TreeApp.
  • Eating vegan or veggie food whilst you're travelling is another fantastic way to reduce your footprint. One serving of beef is equivalent to 15.5kg CO2e, or 78.7km of driving!

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