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8 Deliciously Affordable Halal Restaurants in London

Full English breakfast, halal burgers, Malaysian curries and more.

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  • 24 February 2022
  • • 9 min read

If you’ve been looking for delicious and affordable halal restaurants in London, then you've landed in the right place today. Why is that so? Because I’m always looking for the best halal foods in London. Full English breakfast, halal burgers, Malaysian and Thai food… There’s not one type of cuisine that stands a chance of me keeping its secrets from London's halal foods explorers.

I’ve tried to keep this list as Central as possible, with the majority of these addresses scattered around London Bridge, Soho, and King’s Cross. For, who wants to have to take the Tube for hours before reaching their destination? Right, that’s what I thought. Without further ado, let’s dive into this list of the best halal restaurants in London - affordable edition!

We’re lucky to have cheap , so if you can couple that with some of the city's best affordable halal dishes - keeping it under a tenner or, at the very least, under £15 - then that’s even more enjoyable. Keeping the food budget tight in London means you have double the money to visit another restaurant later on during the day/week. And that’s what I’m all about, what with being one of the biggest foodies you’ll ever meet in your life. 

I’ve opened The Working Line as a means to offer possibilities in terms of halal foods and vegan restaurants to Londoners and travellers. But this guide to the best affordable halal restaurants in London here is meant to keep the money belt as tight as possible. In here, you’ll discover some Moroccan food (yummy!), halal pizza, and even, even - halal KFC! 

Wing Wing

Where? 47-49 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0AN

If you’re looking for delicious halal chicken in London, Wing Wing will provide you with all the Korean fried chicken deliciousness you never even knew existed in London. One of the primary locations for Wing Wing Krispy Chicken is on Charing Cross Road, one of the liveliest areas in London. 

With Soho and Chinatown just a stone’s throw away, you can only expect good times and a young atmosphere at Wing Wing. And it’s exactly what you should be looking for, in addition to incredible seasonings and sauces unlike anything you’ve ever tried, even in the best affordable halal restaurants in London.

All the chicken used at Wing Wing is halal, and no alcohol enters the making of the recipes. If you love fried chicken, this is a one-stop-shop you won’t ever want to go without again.

Dulce Coffee

Where? 86 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX

If you don’t know Dulce Coffee yet, you’ll soon understand why I’ve ranked it at the top of the most affordable halal restaurants in London. Getting a halal breakfast in London has always seemed to be a mission. That is, up until a few years ago, when some of the best halal restaurants in London started offering delicious coffee, halal Full English breakfasts, and to-die-for pancakes. 

The first time I ever visited Dulce Coffee was when I’d just moved to East London. From Mile End to Aldgate East, I’d walk to get my fix of the best halal breakfast in London. Turkey rashers and delicious beef sausages would get me going for the entire weekend, when I’d roam the city in search of the cutest statues and would marvel at the famous landmarks. 

Over the years, Dulce Coffee has remained one of my favourite affordable halal restaurants in London. The service and food quality have gone upwards, and the restaurant is almost always packed with people sitting and eating the best halal breakfast in London. Going and getting your Full English Breakfast at Dulce Coffee might very well be the best decision you make all week. 

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Shrigley’s Moroccan Cuisine

Where? 125 Borough High St, London SE1 1NP

Ah, well, nothing’s greater than finding the best halal restaurants near me, especially when I’m in Central London. As I was staying at Christopher’s Inn The Village in London Bridge, I came across Shrigley’s Moroccan restaurant is fully halal. Being half French and half Moroccan, finding the best halal restaurants for either of these cuisines always gets me as gassed as they come. 

Shrigley’s on Borough High Street possibly cooks up the best halal breakfast in London. I’m talking jacket potatoes, halal Full English breakfasts based on turkey bacon and beef sausages, turkey ham omelettes,... For vegetarian and vegan peeps amongst us, lots of options are also available. There’s one thing that Shrigley’s has integrated to the core of their halal food offer, and it’s that London is all-inclusive. 

As such, a restaurant that wants customers to be happy should be able to offer all-inclusive meals. Ratatouille with flavorful rice, pasta with halloumi cheese, salmon on toast… This is one of the best and most affordable restaurants in London right there for you, especially considering the huge portions Shrigley’s delivers. 

Halal KFC

Where? 71 Tottenham Court Road, Westminster, London W1T 2HD

One of the most affordable halal restaurants in London will always remain KFC. Bet you didn’t know that KFC now has over 130 halal restaurants in the UK, right? I am personally a sucker for the best halal burgers in London. If I’d listened to myself, this guide to the most affordable halal restaurants in London would be filled with delicious burgers. But I’ve tried to include a bit of everything, especially for travellers and Londoners looking to eat a bit more healthily slash differently from time to time. 

In terms of halal KFC in London, there are currently five branches offering halal burgers and chicken bites. These include the KFC in Tottenham Court Road, Southampton Row (near Holborn), Baker Street, Bishopsgate, and King’s Cross. For all the halal KFC lovers, that’s great news, especially considering that absolutely no pork is handled in the halal branches of the KFC restaurants. Delicious and affordable; can we even do better than that?

Roti King

Where? 40 Doric Way, London NW1 1LH

Roti King easily ranks as one of the most affordable halal restaurants in London. Beyond that, the recipes of this Malaysian restaurant are all more delicious than the next, and Roti King is a spot that will keep you coming back and again. Have you ever tried Roti Canai? This special signed Roti King is the epitome of Malay cuisine, with roti married to delicious sauces. I’m talking dhal, mutton, and chicken sauces to be slathered onto a crispy and melty roti. An otherworldly experience, in a tiny family-run halal restaurant just off Euston station.

Malay food is always one of my favourite halal foods in London, and affordable at that. And to be fair, if Roti King is an institution of the most affordable halal restaurants in London, there’s a reason for that. The food there is filling and fragrant and makes for an unforgettable memory. My tip? Try the Beef Rendang, or the Nasi Lemak, two of the most famous Malaysian dishes. 

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Good Friend Chicken

Where? 14 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ

I know I’ve talked about Wing Wing and halal KFC restaurants already, but for chicken lovers, Good Friend Chicken is one of the best affordable halal restaurants in London. You really can’t miss this joint in the middle of Chinatown, especially if you love chicken cooked up in various ways. One of their specialities is the volcano cheese chicken, which will make you think twice about your diet (for real). 

The portions here are huge, and if you’ve been thinking about discovering new cuisines from Asia, the affordable halal Taiwanese restaurant is a great way to start. Deliciously crispy chicken, powders and seasonings spanning from garlic to seaweed, and decadent chicken popcorn are bound to make you faithful to Good Friend Chicken. And that’s a fact.

Icco Pizza

Where? 46 Goodge St, London W1T 4LU

It just seemed fair that I’d include Icco Pizza in this guide to the most affordable halal restaurants in London. Especially since places to get a halal pizza or Italian food aren’t that common in the city. Icco Pizza is one of the only places in London that offer a completely halal menu, from delicious and super affordable pizza to Italian sides. 

Have you ever come across a halal restaurant that offers pizza as cheap as £4.75 for a Margherita pizza? I know. And the fact that it’s fresh and efficient just makes Icco Pizza one of the very best affordable halal restaurants in London. If you add to this the fact that there are quite a few vegan options on the menu, you’ll understand why it’s a must-visit. Locations include Goodge Street and Camden High Street for the most central branches of Icco Pizza, with Wood Green and Croydon also offering some of the best halal foods in London signed Icco Pizza.

Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Where? 48 Dean Street, London W1D 5BF

Whoever does not put up Rosa’s Thai Cafe at the top of their list of the best halal restaurants in London would be terribly wrong. In terms of halal foods in London, this Thai joint very much deserves the top spot. I remember the first time I ever visited Rosa’s Thai Cafe halal restaurant in Soho and loved it more than I could have ever imagined. 

Located on Dean Street, Rosa’s Thai Cafe is close to any youngster and family-friendly location in London. Trafalgar Square, Chinatown, Charing Cross Road, and Oxford Circus… Dishes to try include their delicious chicken wings, authentic halal Pad Thai, and sweetcorn cakes. If you happen to visit this affordable halal restaurant in Soho with vegetarian or vegan peeps, you’ll be happy to see quite a few options on the menu for them. 

We’re talking about some decadent wok dishes, noodles, and curries here. And that’s worth all the attention in the world, even if you’d initially set out for the best halal burgers in London. By the way, if you’re not around Soho, Rosa’s Thai Cafe has plenty of other halal restaurants in London, including Finsbury Park, Chelsea, and even further out in Bluewater.

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There you have them, the best - and most affordable halal restaurants in London. There are so many more addresses I could have included. Yet, I preferred to make it short and sweet, and as precise as possible. The best halal burgers in London in halal KFC restaurants, ethnic Moroccan and Malay foods, and the most affordable halal breakfast in London. Now that’s what I’m all about; food for all occasions, on the cheap, and delicious.

Whether you choose Roti King, Wing Wing, or Icco Pizza, you’re sure to find here the most affordable, and amazing halal foods in London. So what are you waiting for? Try some of their specialities, and let us know your favourites!

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