Best Affordable Brunch in Berlin

Because ‘brunching’ is big in the German capital

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  • 18 February 2019
  • • 4 min read

Berlin is the party capital of Europe - and after a long night of drinking, what’s better than a hearty refuel in the early afternoon to make you feel more human again? Nothing says hangover cure like a big brunch to sort you out for a day of sightseeing in the German capital. Whether you like your eggs poached, boiled or scrambled, or you like your toast buttered or piled with avocado, we’ve rounded up the best affordable brunch spots in Berlin…


Enjoy brunch how the Berliners do at Hallmann and Klee, a trendy joint in Neukölln that serves up a classic German brunch where simplicity is the way forward yet flavour is packed. The menu here is diverse so depending on your mood, you could opt for stacked blueberry pancakes one morning or flakey croissants the next. Fill yourself up on cold meats, a variety of cheeses, poached eggs and nutty bread rolls - here you’re paying for amazing food quality. We recommend the sourdough and scrambled eggs to accompany the cheeses and meats. Simple food yet seriously satisfying.

Ticks these boxes:

  • Amazing coffee

  • High quality, fresh ingredients

  • Crispy bread freshly baked each day

  • Instagrammable presentation

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In the alternative Friedrichshain (Berlin’s east), you may stumble upon Silo Coffee, a hip Aussie-run coffee shop and cafe. If its a hearty brunch you’re looking for, this place won’t let you down with its popular offering. Serving up one of the best avocado and toasts in Berlin, topped with bacon cooked to perfection, what more could you want? Stilo Coffee is the perfect place to fill yourself up for the day and enjoy a stellar flat white while you’re at it. Poached eggs, sausages, avo, mushrooms or beans - whatever you want on top of your sourdough, Silo doesn’t disappoint.

Ticks these boxes:

  • Amazing avo on toast

  • Quality Aussie coffee

  • Pretty exterior

  • Perfectly cooked bacon

  • Big portions

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If you’re looking for a brunch that’s a little different to your usual egg & toast combo, Azzam serves up a Lebanese brunch experience that will take your tastebuds on a journey to the Middle East. This hotspot gives all of Berlin’s famous kebab houses a run for their money, with an authentic filling menu that’s reasonably priced. Enjoy colourful plates of deliciously seasoned chickpeas, breads to use for dipping and scooping, melt in your mouth houmous, tabouli, deep fried pita chips, fatteh, crispy round falafels and more.

Ticks three boxes:

  • Tasty, authentic flavours of Lebanon

  • Cheap

  • Big portions

  • Located in Turkish area to get a feel for Berlin’s multicultural vibe

  • Great for sharing

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In the heart of Berlin is one of the most epic brunch spots in the city where everything on the plate is high quality and beautifully presented. The food at Father Carpenter looks just as inviting as the pretty facade of the building. Picture perfect poached eggs, smooth avocado and strong coffee is all you crave after a heavy night, so why not do it in style at Father Carpenter. Try the special black beans on toast, topped with a poached egg, sweet potato and feta. It’s simply delicious. Catering to vegans too, the menu offers something to everyone - there’s even vegan porridge. Stocking oat milk and soy milk, this place is perfect for those of you who are going dairy free.

Ticks three boxes:

  • Just a 7 minute walk from the hostel

  • Vegan friendly

  • Beautiful presentation

  • Affordable

  • Good quality ingredients

  • Health foods


Sometimes, all you’re after is a fat bagel stuffed with all of your favourite fillings. At Fine Bagels in Friedrichshain, you can grab a quick (and cheap) brunch, New York style, that will seriously satisfy you. The bagels here are just as good as those found in the Big Apple with customers who return again and again. This quirky little cafe bakes fresh bagels every day which are hand rolled and filled to the brim with all kinds of ingredients. Think cream cheeses, salmon, pastrami, avocado, turkey, jam - even peanut butter and jelly. The perfect fast food brunch. For less than €5-6 you can order a hearty bagel of your choice and be ready to start your day.

Ticks these boxes:

  • Great coffee & juices

  • Freshly baked bagels

  • Different bagel options (poppy seeds, plain, rye sesame)

  • Variety of fillings to choose from

  • Cheap

  • Loads of books to read inside while you eat

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