Best Affordable Cooking Workshops in London

Best Affordable Cooking Workshops in London

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  • 31 January 2019
  • • 6 min read

The list of things to do in London is endless, but if you’re after something a little different then why not try nailing down a new skill? Affordable cooking classes in London are actually not too easy to come by, with many costing over £100 for just a few hours! However, here we have a few of the best cheap cooking workshops in London that’ll leave you with a new mastered menu and a belly full of homemade delights. Learn to cook in London with one of the city’s many varied workshops for foodies from the secrets of sushi-making to mastering the pizza dough toss. Read on to find out the best food workshops in London that all cost just £40 or less…

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Starting with the cheapest...


For those passionate about cooking that want to master the art of homemade pasta, this one’s for you. When it comes to ravioli, let Mayte talk you through how to make it step by step in her Italian cooking class that only costs £20! Mayte will go through the six steps to perfect ravioli; knead, roll, fill, cut, cook and add the sauce, so when you leave to go home, you can recreate it yourself at any time. You’ll learn that to create the classic Italian dish in an authentic way doesn’t mean you need fancy tools, it’s all easy, fresh and simply delicious! Once your handmade, stuffed pockets of pasta are complete, taste it paired with Mayte’s ravioli dressings - perfect!

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Sushi classes in London usually come with a pretty hefty price, but the Yo Sushi School in Fulham let’s you roll up for just £25 to £30 each! Learn the basic skills of what it takes to be a sushi master - you don’t need any previous practice, all you need is to show up and obviously be a fan of the Japanese speciality. During the 1.5 to 2 hour class, you’ll be taught how to make 5 different types of sushi including maki, nigiri and hand rolls, from how to cook perfect sushi rice to the secret of rolling! Then, of course, at the end you’ll get to taste your delicious handiwork by eating it fresh there and then or taking it home along with our own new complimentary rolling matt, a sushi making guide, a certificate and 25% off your next Yo Sushi meal. It’s the ideal activity for every sushi lover!

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BungaTINI is the sister bar to Bunga Bunga, one of the best bars in London for those who like a crazy night out taken with a pinch of salt. At BungaTINI, it’s all about the dough and dosing yourself up on delicious cocktails while you make your pizza from scratch, all for a bargain price of just £30! On arrival you’ll be given a welcome drink, either beer, wine or an Aperol Spritz with some authentic Italian antipasto. Then you don your chef’s hat and apron before the pizza master teaches you the secret formula of their perfect Italian pizza dough. You won’t find a more fun or better value way to learn a new cooking skill than this!

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The Keep Calm and Curry On workshop is where you can really get to grips with a full, fragrant, Indian meal. In this class you’ll learn how to cook up three things; a starter, main and side of your choice, all for just £30! Whether you’re vegetarian or a meat-lover, there are plenty of meal options for you to try your hand at, offering a diverse line up from dal tadka (a fragrant lentil main), to butter chicken. From this curry experience you won’t only leave with a big, delicious meal and new skills, but it’s the perfect place to meet other people, too.

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Learn how to make the rainbow bagels that have taken Instagram by storm! The Rainbow Bagel Workshop lasts for 3 hours, where you’ll get to grips with exactly how you can recreate the multi-coloured bakes whenever you want. Get a group of 5 or more of you together and rainbow bagel wizard will fill you in on how to make the dough, knead it and make the magic happen by giving it the mesmerising rainbow effect. When you’re baking and eating your own handmade bagels with a group of friends, you know you’re in for a good night.

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Love macarons but heard they’re tricky to master? Book a slot at the Mauderne French Macaron masterclass and you’ll realise you don’t need years of patisserie training to bake the sweet treats to perfection, just a mere 2.5 hours! Follow the steps of the class leader, and while your macaron shells are in the oven getting the perfect crisp, you’ll be treated to a tasting along with an almond tea. At just £39 to learn the art of macarons, this great value activity is perfect for those with a sweet tooth looking to get to grips with a new skill that you can use at home.

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Ally grew up in China but now lives in Shoreditch teaching people how to make delicious, authentic dumplings from her home country, inside her Shoreditch flat. For just £40 you’ll be served a warming mulled wine and baked cheese before being taught how to make two tasty dumpling fillings and learning the art of folding the perfect dumplings in two different ways. You then learn how to cook them by pan frying, steaming and boiling, getting inside tips on the best techniques by Ally, the true dumpling master! To finish off the experience, Ally then brings out a special Chinese dessert and Chinese tea. This is a great class if you’re after a cooking experience in London where you can also meet people, make friends, and roll out stuffed full of the tastiest dumplings you’ve ever tried! (If you do say so yourself)

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