Best Affordable Korean Restaurants in London

Where to curb your kimchi cravings across London

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  • 20 May 2019
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Korean cuisine is all the rage at the minute, and in London, Korean restaurants are popping up all over the city. When the kimchi cravings kick in, or you’ve got bibimbap and bulgogi on your mind, you can easily find some delicious yet seriously affordable Korean Restaurants in London, even in the city centre. From the best Korean BBQ in the city to sizzling and spicy sides, be transported to Asia and try out these tasty South Korean restaurants in London that won’t break the bank.


Nearest stations: Clapham Junction, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden & Wimbledon

In amongst both the excitement of central and the more laidback outskirts, Yori has made its name as being one of London’s best Korean restaurants. It's so delicious they they've just recently opened up a brand new spot, right in the heart of Clapham Junction.

The whole menu is classically Korean, with most of the mains all coming in at less than £10 including they're addictive soy garlic crispy chicken. However we also recommend the Osam Bulgogi, a sizzling plate of spicy marinated calamari which is a little over the £10 mark but so worth it if you're splitting between friends.

If you don’t mind spending a little more, go for the Korean BBQ! One of the most enjoyable ways to eat Korean food, just always the slightly pricier option. Order one of the three different Korean beers to go with it, or maybe a bottle of classic Korean Soju, a sweet potato liquor to tickle your taste buds. With a buzzing atmosphere and food as tasty as this, remember to book your table or you might be joining the queue out the door.

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Nearest station: Victoria

Lime Orange is another real central London stop for some delicious Korean food near Victoria station. The tiny place specialises in some of the best bibimbap in London - a classic Korean dish of hot mixed ingredients such as sautéed vegetables and beef with rice, chilli and an egg cracked on top every time. Try the kimchi bibimbap which is £10.20 but insanely delicious. Otherwise you won’t pay more than £10.50 for a filling dish unless you opt for the famous Korean barbecue. While Korean food isn’t usually the most veggie-friendly, the vegan options here are to die for.

Top tip: reserve your table in advance, or otherwise get there at 5:30pm latest if you want to be seated ASAP. This is one of the most popular spots in the area, so if you’re after a quick and casual bite to eat, don’t forget to book!

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Nearest station: Tottenham Court Road

If you’ve eaten your way around Korea and fell for bibimbap while you were there, bare in mind that chefs here pride themselves on their more modern take on the classic dish, but people love it! Bibimbap doesn’t serve only that, you can also get KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) which is insanely tasty and the perfect side dish, plus ramen, teriyaki, teokbokki (delicious, spicy rice cakes) and more. If you’re after somewhere to grab a quick bite to eat, this hearty yet healthy Korean spot is perfect, with service quicker than you’d find in most other places. Great for an Asian food fix!


Nearest station: Holborn

The entrance to Asadal looks like it should be a hidden gem, but once you head down to the restaurant right by Holborn station, you’ll more than likely see a full house. Asadal is a great spot for some real authentic Korean BBQ, as well as bibimbap, bulgogi and hot pot as the shining stars of their traditional menu. While the rice and noodle dishes all come in at under £10, the BBQ will of course be more but it’s well worth it (and actually very reasonably priced compared to other Korean spots in London).

Try the kimchi pancake to start, and order a few bits of meat to cook on the hot plate in the middle of your table. Pork belly, squid, tiger prawns, even ox tongue is on the barbecue menu so you meat lovers will be in heaven!


Nearest station: Tottenham Court Road

One of the most affordable Korean spots in London, Seoul Bakery is also one of our favourites. The food tastes just as authentic as the menu looks, the interior has all the hipster Korean vibes and the bibimbap here has got to be the cheapest in London. At just £4.50 for a beef bibimbap that’s authentic and delicious, you really can’t go wrong. Just be sure to order some kimchi or ghimbap (Korean-style sushi) to go with it, as the portions aren’t the hugest. Find Seoul Bakery tucked away near Oxford Street on Great Russell Street, a hidden gem and a great cheap eat that gets overlooked far too often!


Nearest station: Vauxhall

If you’re on the hunt for the best Korean Fried Chicken in London, Daebak is your answer. Honey mustard, honey butter, soy and garlic and sweet chilli KFC is all on the menu, and they’re all winners. It’s no wonder Daebak has so many regulars - the cosy Korean spot is right near Vauxhall station and a favourite for local workers for a long lunch and some deliciously spicy Korean cuisine. If you’re after a taste of their fried chicken, or want to try some truly authentic Korean food, make sure you book in advance or you might get turned around. This place gets seriously packed!

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