Best Affordable Restaurants in London that Foodies Have to Try

Get a taste of these cheap places to eat in London

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  • 12 February 2019
  • • 4 min read

London is one of the expensive foodie capitals of the world, but that doesn’t mean eating out on a budget can’t easily be done. There are plenty of cheap places to eat in London, some of them even serving up some of the tastiest meals you’ll get in the city. We went out in London to try the best cheap eats for ourselves (and we filmed the whole thing!). From fresh, fragrant curries to typically tasty British pies, watch us devour some of drool worthy food at London’s best affordable restaurants. Save your pennies and try some of the most drool worthy dishes in the city!

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Shepherd's Bush, Hammersmith, London Bridge, Camden and Greenwich

If you’re after the best value chicken wings in London, Belushi’s is definitely a top contender. For just £10 you’ll get 20 wings smothered in whatever sticky sauce is your usual go-to (Jack Daniels BBQ is our personal favourite) with a creamy blue cheese dip on the side. And let us tell you, the wings here are the real deal! The chicken is juicy and tender, and with 20 wings on your plate we reckon that’s plenty to split between two, making it an ideally priced lunchtime meal for you and a friend. Or if you think you can hack it, go a step further and get 40 wings for £18 - bargain. There are 5 different Belushi’s restaurants around London in Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush, London Bridge, Camden and Greenwich, so you’ll never be too far away from some of their amazing wings.

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ROTI KING, £6.50


Roti King is one of the best places to go in London for amazing value and authentic Malaysian food, but you better get there quick as it’s only a small eatery and local punters know the drill. Be sure to get there for when it opens at 12pm, unless you don’t mind queuing up outside the door for a while - it’ll all be worth it once you’re tearing into a delicious, fluffy roti and perfectly fragrant curry dish. We recommend you order the Roti Canai Special, which is £6.50 and comes with two puffed up Malaysian-style roti and a bowl of delicious chicken, lamb or fish curry. Share your table with a stranger, watch the real-life Roti King as he spins out hundreds of rotis per sitting and indulge in one of the best, affordable lunchtime meals in London.

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Covent Garden

When in England, nothing beats a hearty pie, and at Battersea Pie Station you know you’re in for a good one. The pies here are famed for being some of the best in London, and they’re only £6.50! The flaky pastry crust to mouth-watering filling ratio is spot on, and paired with their creamy mash is the dream combination (although this will cost you an extra £3). Try the steak and ale pie or the chicken and mushroom pie for your comfort food fix, not forgetting that drool worthy gravy pour before you dig in.


MISATO, £6.80


Chicken katsu curry has taken the country by storm, probably thanks to the Japanese food chain Wagamama, but Waga’s version doesn’t even compare to this Chinatown gem! Misato may not look like much from the outside, but if you want a taste of the best katsu curry in London that’s both delicious and amazing value, it is hands down the place to go. For just £6.80 you can order your chicken katsu curry complete with breaded chicken covered in their sweet, classic curry sauce and a side of sticky rice, and the portion is HUGE - you can easily order one portion between two to share, it’s THAT big!

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PIZZA UNION, £3.95 - £6.50

Kings Cross, Dalston, Aldgate, Spitalfields

When the pizza cravings hit but you’ve got a budget to keep to, Pizza Union is your saviour. For a maximum price of just £6.50 you can get a tasty, crisp 12 inch pizza with some yummy cheesy, meaty or veggie toppings. But if all you want is a classic margarita, that’ll only set you back £3.95! You can even get a cocktail for just £3.50 to wash it down. Located in Kings Cross, Dalston, Aldgate and Spitalfields, you should have plenty of opportunities for a low-cost and delicious pizza to satisfy those hunger pangs.

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