7 Best Flea Markets in Berlin

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  • 15 May 2023
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The German’s have always been known for the way they do their markets, so it's no surprise that there are a huge amount of fantastic flea markets in Berlin dotted all over the city. The name ‘flea market’ actually originated from the French term ‘marché aux puces’, which (quite unfortunately) means ‘market of the fleas’ referring to the likely flea-infested products that would have once been on sale at these markets! Now, years later, flea markets have become extremely trendy places for visitors to find an array of unique and second-hand goods (this time not inhabited by fleas). If you’re someone that loves sifting through stalls to find rare and unique items, and enjoys the thrill of thrift shopping, Berlin should be added to your bucket list, pronto. Do keep in mind before you set out to shop that Berlin’s vintage markets only tend to operate on Sundays with a select few on Saturdays. However, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as most other retail outlets don’t open on a Sunday in Berlin, so you can dedicate this day to hunting down some brilliant bargains.

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1. Flea Market at Arkonaplatz

16 minutes from St. Christopher’s Inn Alexanderplatz by tram

As one of the smallest flea markets in Berlin, the Market at Arkonaplatz tends to attract more locals and tourists “in the know”, making it somewhat more relaxing to stroll from stall to stall without feeling cramped. What’s more, due to its community-led feel, prices tend to be better here and so does conversation. If you’re looking for some wholesome finds in a more calm setting then head to this smaller-scale flea market open on a Sunday from 10am-2pm. Enrich yourself in conversation with the locals to find out all kinds of wonderful stories about their family’s past and perhaps the history behind the bargains you are looking to purchase.

2. The Flea Market at Boxhagener Platz

20 minutes from St Christopher’s Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz by metro.

Known for selling second-hand books and records, the flea market at Boxhagener Platz is a particularly great spot for those into music and literary culture. If you love getting stuck into a good bit of digging to find some real gems, this market is a must-visit. With a bit of luck, it has been known for visitors to come across special edition collector’s items for incredibly affordable prices. What’s more, if you’re not interested in old books and records you’ll also find plenty of other unique treasures, from clothing to jewellery to homeware and more! The vendors are also usually willing to reduce their prices if you’re up for a bit of bartering. This flea market is also situated nearby a meadow in the centre of the square, where you can chill out and refuel before heading back in to hunt down some more great deals. So make sure you head over on a Sunday between 10AM to 6PM to bag yourself some fabulous bargains.

3. RAW flea market

26 minutes from St. Christopher’s Inn Alexanderplatz by metro

Situated in one of the coolest and most culturally diverse parts of Berlin, the flea market in the RAW (Short for Reichsbahn-Ausbesserungs-Werk) compound is located among some of the trendiest bars, clubs and music venues as well as a fabulous skate park. Surrounded by derelict buildings covered in vibrant graffiti, this market will give you a proper taste of Berlin out of the music videos from the ’70s. This is the perfect setup you’d expect to find the trendiest second-hand goods to add to your wardrobe! Lost within the live music and super cool bars dotted nearby you’ll probably find yourself submerged in buzzing vibes from 9am till 7pm (open-close) without even realising the time. So head over on a Sunday when most other high street stores are closed, to bag yourself some seriously cool buys and enjoy a real taste of the trendiest part of Berlin’s culture.

4. Flea Market at Marheinekeplatz

24 minutes from St. Christopher’s Inn Alexanderplatz by bus and metro

Another fabulous flea market in Berlin opens at Marheinekeplatz on a Saturday and Sunday, offering more fantastic bargains from both private and professional vendors. Supplying you with the wonderful atmosphere from a true German market and great nearby cafes and bars. This is definitely a great spot for those looking for something different to do (whilst bagging a few potentially top-notch finds) on a weekend whilst visiting the city of Berlin. Take your time to mooch around while soaking up the surroundings of the market situated in a city filled with so much history. Also, make sure you try out the surrounding snack bars, coffee shops and even the vegan supermarket for a refuel. They are mostly small independent places, selling great food at good prices.

5. Flea Market at Mauerpark

14 minutes from St. Christopher’s Inn Alexanderplatz by metro

The flea market at Mauerpark not only offers some brilliant bargains but also a wonderful atmosphere and place to try out some of the country's real international delicacies. With karaoke sessions at large in the old amphitheatre adjacent to the market, and the smell of cooking currywurst and chicken schnitzels wafting from stall to stall, you’ll be sure to get the full experience of how the Germans do a proper market. Let your senses enjoy the surrounding activities as you mooch around stalls set up by private sellers only, displaying an abundance of second-hand goods. From books, jewellery, records to toys they'll definitely be something to grab your eye. Also, make sure you check out their large furniture tent where many diligent visitors have found themselves some incredibly valuable pieces for incredible prices. Open every Sunday from 9am - 6pm.

6. Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

25 minutes from St. Christopher’s Inn Alexanderplatz by metro

Every first and third Sunday of the month the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt is set up along the canal in the Neukölln District. Made up of around 100 stalls offering not only incredible second-hand and uniquely designed products but also entertainment from numerous musicians playing among the market stalls. Revel in the festival atmosphere as you browse the wide assortment of bargains on offer. Grab a snack from one of the food stalls and take a seat to admire the canal and talented musicians as you recharge before diving back into some serious treasure hunting and tactical haggling. The stock here is usually on top form as the vendors are only there every two weeks so you can expect to be spoiled for choice. The market only operates from April to October, so the weather is usually good putting most vendors and customers in a good mood making the atmosphere a fantastic one to experience and great for landing good deals.

7. Flea Market at Rathaus Schöneberg

36 minutes from St. Christopher’s Inn Alexanderplatz by metro

The market at Rathaus Schöneberg is one of the rare remaining original flea markets in Berlin. It also holds historical significance being located directly in front of Schöneberg Town Hall which once hosted President John F Kennedy when he delivered his “I am a Berliner” speech back in 1963 during the Cold War. Aside from that, the market is known for its 70 brilliant stalls stocking all manner of second-hand goods, from clothes, bags, books, homeware, records etc. As a tip, make sure you don’t get charged more than €2 per record unless it's a special collector’s item. What’s more, all the stalls are set up and run by private vendors making the chances of you haggling your way to an even better price much greater. Although, the real trick to bagging the best finds at any of these flea markets is by coming and scouting out the goods as early as possible.

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