10 Best Chocolate Shops in Europe for Easter

Where to get the most mouth-watering Easter treats

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  • 20 March 2018
  • • 5 min read

Creamy truffles, unique flavours and jaw-dropping chocolate sculptures are what you’ll find in the most renowned chocolate shops around our favourite cities. The sweet season of Easter is coming up soon, so we’ve put together a list of the best chocolate shops in Europe to head to for your sugar fix. These chocolate masterminds only use the finest, quality ingredients, the perfect way to satisfy that sweet tooth.



30 Rue des Saint-Pères and 33 Rue Vivienne

This quaint, Parisian chocolatier isn’t just the best, but it’s the oldest in the city, and the chocolate here is quite literally fit for a King. Since they began making their marvellous creations over 210 years ago, almost every King, Queen, Emperor and VIP of Paris would specifically request for the master chocolatiers at Debauve & Gallais to work their magic just for them.

You’ll find hundreds of handmade ganache-filled chocolates plus creamy truffles and their famous ‘Queen’s Coins’ (originally made to contain Queen Marie-Antoinette’s medicine). Just a quick peer inside and you’ll have bought the lot without even batting an eye at the prices.

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143 Wardour Street, Soho; 33 Camden Passage, Islington; 20 The Royal Exchange, Threadneedle Street

For a drool-worthy chocolate selection, take a trip to Paul A Young whose shops are dotted in 4 different London locations, and all stocking totally fresh, handmade chocolates on a daily basis. Paul is ranked amongst the world’s best chocolatiers for his creative flavours and dedication to quality ingredients. He never works with additives or flavourings, everything you consume from a Paul A Young shop is totally natural. Try his award-winning passionfruit curd filled chocs, or the ones that burst with sea-salted caramel - they are something else!

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Charlottenstraße 60, 10117

If pralines are your thing, then a visit to this central Berlin chocolate shop, where you can find the longest praline counter in the world, should be on top of your list. With 200 types of pralines and huge, elaborate chocolate sculptures on display that are crafted on site, the chocolatiers here are truly masters at work - you will be in awe!

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Staalstraat 17 1011 JK and Singel 184 1016 AA

The mother and daughter duo in charge of the sweet little delights that fly off the counters here must be some kind of chocolate geniuses. They truly pride themselves on selling chocolates that not only tastes sensational, but looks as good just as good. Using creative and original ingredients such as herbs and spices in their chocolates may sound bizarre, however just taste the tamarind flavoured bonbon and your mind will be blown.

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Eiermarkt 6, 8000

If you’re a chocoholic, this lovely family-run shop won’t disappoint you for creamy, handmade Belgian chocolate. With such a variety to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for truffles, bonbons or chocolate figurines, this family-run spot makes it all (using all raw ingredients).

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Wollestraat 15, 8000

We had to include two entries for Bruges since Belgium is the chocolate capital of the world. This is the place to come for naughty chocolates. I think the picture pretty much says it all. One of the most famous chocolate shops in Bruges, this spot has over 60 kinds of chocolate on offer (including the more whimsical rude ones). We love it. Located right next to the Belfry, it’s a great spot because of its, let's say more eye-catching window displays. That aside, some of the displays (that aren't rude) are truly epic, especially the one for Easter. Admire the piece of Easter art in April sculpted entirely out of chocolate, made by the shops very own Chef-Chocolatier.

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Liliova 4/250 and Betlémské nám. 8/1004

This family-owned chocolatier and café right in the heart of old Prague offers a pleasant place to sit and indulge in a hot chocolate from a variety of international brands. The café also sells a selection of handmade original chocolate bars of various flavours. The Choco cafe serves the best hot chocolate in Prague. And it’s a super unique experience. You can combine different flavoured hot chocolate with other cool things such as fruit and even alcohol.

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Jungfraustrasse 35, 3800

Here you won’t only learn how to make Swiss chocolate, you’ll get to try the AMAZING hot cocoa. Get stuck in and create your own chocolate masterpieces, taught to you by Swiss chocolate makers. The chocolate-making workshops are hands on - plus you get to eat as much of the choc you like. The Funky Chocolate Club has close connections with our sister hostel Balmers in Interlaken where you can book a workshop through the hostel. So for any chocolate fanatic, go check out the chocolate workshop.

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Skoubogade 1, 1158 København

The finest Danish chocolatier in all the land. Peter Beier chocolates are 100% handmade using cocoa beans from its own plantation in the Dominican Republic,  with other ingredients sourced from its own Ørsholt Estate in Copenhagen. Taking homegrown chocolate to a whole new level, they even grow a big part of the fruit and nuts used in the production. Here, the chocolate makers craft exquisite chocolate of a sublime quality. Pricey but worth it. The nearest Peter Beier Chokolade shop is just a 6 minute walk from our sister hostel, Copenhagen Downtown.

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123 Bruntsfield Pl, Edinburgh EH10 4EQ

The Chocolate Tree is the best chocolate shop in Edinburgh, serving up award-winning chocolates and edible art. If you really want to spoil someone this Easter, the chocolate eggs and Bunnies are made in small batches with exceptional skill using organic couverture and bean to bar craft chocolate. The premium treats taste just as good as they look. Although the inside of the cafe is small, any chocolate aficionado will realise The Chocolate Tree is a cocoa lover’s dreamland once they get a taste. The cake and coffee here is also tasty!

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