5 Best Cities to Celebrate Oktoberfest in Europe

Get your lederhosen at the ready, here are the cities you’ve got to visit for Oktoberfest…

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  • 23 August 2021
  • • 5 min read

Bavaria in Germany has been spending their October weekends drinking beer from steins and wearing traditional dress for over 200 years. The tradition started on 12th October 1810 to celebrate a royal marriage, and now people come to Munich from across the world to experience one of the world’s greatest parties! But Oktoberfest doesn’t just stop in Bavaria these days. Each year countless other cities across Europe do Oktoberfest, and most of them go BIG. Dig out your dirndl and lederhosen, because if you’re after somewhere crazy to dance to traditional live music and drink beer from steins, these are the European cities that go all out for Oktoberfest. 

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1. Munich

Stoketoberfest: 15th-17th October 2021

Let’s start where it all began, the OG of Oktoberfest in Munich. This is where you’ll find the biggest lederhosen-clad crowd in the world! Every year over six million people attend Munich Oktoberfest to experience the crazy atmosphere and drink litres upon litres of beer. Get on the benches (NOT the tables) and dance your heart out to the traditional live music while getting merry with the crowds on some of the world’s tastiest beer.

Munich’s official Oktoberfest might be cancelled for 2021, but that doesn’t mean you can’t party this October in true Bavarian style anyway! This year, our friends at Stoke Travel are hosting the Stoketoberfest Oktoberfest Experience from 15th-17th October. For one weekend the event will span across the city of Munich in beer halls, nightclubs and breweries, with accommodation included in the price in a comfortable local hostel. Also included in your ticket is access to all the exclusive events such as welcome parties and private beer hall parties, as well as bottomless brunches. Plus, they offer a 100% Covid refund guarantee with just £1 deposit. The real deal might be out of the question, but the Stoketoberfest Oktoberfest Experience is a pretty great alternative.

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2. Berlin

2021 dates unconfirmed

Being the second best city in Germany for Oktoberfest celebrations, Berlin is still an insane experience. Many of the 2021 events have yet to confirm their dates, but the city's renowned Hofbrau Berlin will be dressed to the nines from 18th September until 3rd October, always boasting an insane atmosphere and offering their usual freshly brewed beer in steins.

Even if the usual main events don't go ahead, the crowds across the city will be buzzing all weekend, making the most of the annual excuse to drink as much of Bavarian beer as can be handled. The fancy dress thing isn’t as big as it is in Munich, but some people do still take part so if you’re up for it, why not!

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3. London

30th September - 9th October

German bands, long tables, steins and lots of lederhosen… Oktoberfest in London is almost the spitting image of Munich, just quite a lot smaller. Oktoberfest 2021 will be going ahead in Canary Wharf, welcoming thousands of guests for a weekend of German music and dancing to make it feel like the real thing, from German beer and food to authentic Oktoberfest decoration. Dance on top of the tables to live bands who’ve been brought over from Germany, and order your next stein from one of the waiters and waitresses dressed up in their dirndl and lederhosen. Not everyone will be wearing lederhosen, but plenty of people do so if you love fancy dress then by all means, go ahead! 

London’s Bavaria has been going since 2011 and every year people get more and more into the festivities - over 50,000 people attended a few years ago! If you want an excuse to party this October in London, get your tickets to the event asap for the best table in the tent.

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4. Copenhagen

9th-11th September & 24th-25th September 2021

The biggest Bavarian party in Denmark, Oktoberfest Copenhagen is another top choice. Over two weekends (in September, not October) in a giant tent in Femoren you’ll find thousands of Danish locals dressed head to toe in the traditional outfits, dancing on tables and drinking beer.

What makes Copenhagen’s Oktoberfest stand out even more is that where it’s held in Femoren is right by the beach, so if you need a little fresh air after one too many beers, you’ve got a nice little stroll right on the doorstep. Book your tickets to the festivities in advance to secure a spot in the enormous beachside tent, just a short metro ride from the city centre. As long as you don’t go too hard on the beer steins, it’ll be an Oktoberfest you’ll never forget.

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5. Madrid

21st September - 1st October 2021

It may come as a surprise to you, but Oktoberfest in the Spanish capital is an event to be rivalled. This year, Oktoberfest Madrid is celebrating the fact that it's a go-ahead with a double whammy - a party that is twice as long as usual! Expect delicious Bavarian cuisine, gallons of beer to be consumed and around 30,000 people to attend the Palacio de Vistalegre over the course of the biggest Oktoberfest event in Spain.

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