7 Best Coffee Shops in Copenhagen

Coffee lover and blogger The Exploring Barista tells us her favourite places to get her coffee fix in the Danish capital

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  • 15 January 2018
  • • 5 min read


You can find coffee everywhere in the Danish capital, but why opt for a regular coffee if you can treat yourself to the best of the best for a similar price? I, The Exploring Barista, will show you 7 places to get the best coffee in Copenhagen.

I stayed at the wonderful  hostel on my visit. Check it out. All of the coffee shops mentioned below are within walking distance from the hostel. So let's start...


Copenhagen Underground Brewers at Boldhusgade 6 is, as its name suggests, an underground coffee bar. Underground bars and cafés are a pretty big trend in Copenhagen right now, plus it makes the experience feel extra cosy and ‘secret’ being in a renovated basement and all. This coffee bar is designed in true Scandinavian style; minimalist but homely with lots of wood and neutral whites, beautiful furniture and furry plaids. The coffee beans used here are roasted by themselves, and if you don’t know what to order the kind baristas will advise you the best of the best.

Distance from hostel: 16 minute cycle, 20 minute metro

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Located downtown next to the main library of Copenhagen is Democratic Coffee. Easy to combine with a day of shopping or visiting the round tower, this cafe is great if you have to get some work done on your trip. The library has free wifi, which makes it a great space for a digital nomad (like me). Make sure to combine your visit with a coffee and a croissant as Democratic Coffee is well-known for its homemade croissants. Locals were telling me that they have the best ones in town! For the coffee nerds, at Democratic they prepare their espressos a bit differently. A 1:3 ratio is used (which means 1 gram of dry coffee to 3 grams of water) and you won’t find a layer of crema on top. This is the brown/gold layer on top of an espresso, which is an emulsion of natural oils and sugars from freshly ground coffee.

Distance from hostel: 8 minute walk

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Forloren is a small and cosy coffee shop close to the hustle and bustle of Nyhavn. Walking in to the shop makes you feel calm and relaxed due to the white and earthy tones of the decor along with soft pillows, lots of books and of course the smell of fresh coffee. Forloren serves up coffee from La Cabra (Denmark) or HasBean (UK). I recommended pairing your cup of coffee with some of their delicious pastries to really make the most of this great cafe!

Distance from hostel: 15 minute walk

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When heading to the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, Prolog is the perfect place to stop for a coffee break. The passionate and experienced owners Jonas and Sebastian will prepare you a beautiful cup of coffee. Jonas was the roaster at Democratic Coffee before and now he puts his energy in Prolog where he roasts his own coffee. This is one of the only colourful coffee shops in the city and a cool feature is the eye-popping art on the wall that is inspired by the flow of coffee.

Distance from hostel: 20 minute walk, 8 minute cycle

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Just on the other side of the Langebro bridge you will find the tiny coffee bar and roastery ROAST Coffee. When you walk in here you might be lucky enough to find the owner Andreas roasting some coffee beans and the sound and smell of this process is the best there is. If you’re stuck on what to order, don’t be scared to ask the baristas. The friendly guys behind the bar will be happy to help you choose your coffee and prepare it with lots of passion on their customized espresso machine.

Distance from hostel: 17 minute walk, 6 minute cycle

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In the heart of the city centre and only two minutes walk from the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel you will find Sonny. This stylish and luxurious bar was started by David, originally from Denmark, but who has gained his coffee experience from working at Coutume in Paris. You can see a perfect Parisian flair and elegance in Sonny. On the beautiful La Marzocco Strada, David will prepare you a delicious coffee made with beans from Koppi (Sweden) and La Cabra (Denmark). The coffee works very well with a piece of apple cake. The perfect sweet accompaniment.

Distance from hostel: 2 minute walk

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Last but not least, The Coffee Collective. The pioneers of Copenhagen’s speciality coffee culture. There are four locations in the city, all with a different concept. At the original location you can visit their roastery and sit down for a cup of coffee. It’s a bit out of the centre, located in Frederiksberg but not very far from here in the same district you find their second location (Jægersborggade). Amazing interior, several beautiful rooms (check the Kenya room!) and an “open kitchen” design so you can see everything the baristas are doing.

If you are visiting the Torvehallerne to get some food, you can also get caffeinated here by The Coffee Collective. Last and also their newest location is based in the centre next to Nyhavn and this new location’s concept is about cold drinks. If you’re yet to try any cold brew or nitro cold brew, this is your spot.

Distance from hostel: 10-15 minute walk or 15 minute cycle depending on location

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