Top 5 Coffee Shops to Visit in Amsterdam

You can’t go to the ‘Dam’ and not experience its vibrant coffee shops

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  • 09 December 2016
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Amsterdam is a popular destination for young travellers with its art, history, culture and of course its evermore ‘adult’ amenities. So when you’re not paying a visit to the local Condomerie or exploring the Red Light District after dark, you simply must visit at least one coffee shop during your stay. We’ve picked out the best places to sit back, relax and re-energize in between your jam-packed schedule - and as you’d expect, there’s much more than just coffee on the menu... This is our guide to the top 5 coffee shops you should visit when in Europe’s city of sin.


Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147, 1017 PZ, Amsterdam | Open: 10am-1am

Often enough, if the locals go there, that’s the first sign it’s going to be good. Well, The Rookies coffee shop attracts plenty of them. Just a 10-minute walk from the Van Gogh museum and other main attractions, this spot is a great place to escape to after a long day of sightseeing. Inside you’ll find a large smoking area that seats over 80 people, so rest your legs, order an espresso or two and enjoy the good quality stuff you came for. We won’t be surprised if you find yourself back the next day.


Rembrandtplein 24 1017 CV, Amsterdam | Open: 10am – 1am

If you’re looking for a fun, low-key night that won’t let you down - head to Smokey’s. This multilevel neon-lit coffee shop lies in Amsterdam’s famous Rembrandt Square – an area full of rich history and bustling nightlife (so you can hit the clubs afterwards if your so-called ‘early night’ didn’t quite go to plan). Play a game of pool, have a drink, and for the less keen smoker, this menu offers plenty of alternatives. Why not try a Smokey home baked muffin or some special marijuana tea?


Havri Leidseplein 171017 PS | Open: 8am – 1am

There’s something about European cities and people watching – and where better to sit and gaze than the attractive surroundings of Leidseplein square. Housed in a former police station, the Bull Dog Havri is a truly funky coffee shop, part of one of Amsterdam’s most well known chains that has seen many a famous face. Perhaps its best asset is the heated patio seating area - a perfect spot for sipping on something warm whilst watching the world go by. Not to mention the standout chocolate cookies…


Hemonystraat 16, 1074 BP Amsterdam | Open: 8am - 1am

If you consider yourself a coffee shop aficionado (you know the type, “been there, tasted the brownies”) you can’t not visit one of Amsterdam’s biggest ones. With a beautifully furnished 120m²-smoking lounge, six massive screens that play live sports, board games and a wide menu selection to enjoy with your friends, expect a buzzing atmosphere any hour of the day. While it’s a little further out from the town centre; the experience - and the homemade space cake, is decidedly worth the extra cab fare.


Haarlemmerstraat 102, 1013 EW | Open: 9am-1am

Barney’s is an award-winning coffee shop located inside a 500-year old building, but it’s far from crumbling. The interior has been beautifully restored with charming décor to resemble an old fashioned apothecary – and just a few minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station. A popular spot among travellers and locals alike, Barney’s serves beautifully presented coffee, tasty snacks from tortilla chips and salsa to a selection of toasties in a peaceful, old-movie setting.

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