Best European Cities To Visit With Your College Friends This Spring

Planning a springtime trip to Europe with your uni friends? These are the cities you simply have to visit...

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  • 09 March 2020
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Students love Europe for so many different reasons. Travelling through the continent is easy and air and train tickets around Europe are affordable even for the brokest of students. Plus, the diversity of the continent is vast with so many destinations to tour within a very small geographical space. There are many cheap accommodation options to choose from (especially if you opt for hostels) and the people here are so friendly that it makes the trip well worth it.

But is Europe a good travel destination for a student during the spring months? Yes, it is! Almost every European city has something unique to offer travellers during each and every spring. Whether you want to explore a major city such as London or Madrid or you want to stay tight in a small country house in Switzerland, this continent has got you covered. Just apply for a visa if you need to and set out for a fun spring vacation in Europe. If you’re after a flight reservation for a visa , ensure that you acquire one from a reputable travel agency. A good agency will help you book a flight itinerary and ease you through the visa application process.

With all the necessary travel documents in the bag, go ahead and visit these five European destinations this spring.

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1. Lisbon, Portugal

Like many big cities, summer is the busiest tourism period in Lisbon. Air tickets and accommodation prices soar and tourists pack the city to the brim during, meaning your tour options are significantly reduced. In spring, however, many tourists are running off, so you will have way less competition for sightseeing and accommodation. Springtime in Lisbon means you can enjoy the city at your budget and pace, enabling you to soak in its awesome culture. The culinary scene in Lisbon is unmatched in Western Europe and the nightlife is top-notch. There isn’t a more fantastic city to visit during the spring months. 

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2. Dresden and Saxony, Germany 

You probably didn’t see this coming, did you? Well, the headquarters of the Saxony region is one of the most architecturally-packed towns in Europe. It definitely isn’t among the grandest cities on the continent, but it has its fair share of awesomeness to offer you. The street art scene is booming, the culinary creativity here is unmatched across Europe, and there is a lot of history to learn about the city and its dwellers. And because it is compact and small, you will have an easy time touring different sites and exploring the culture and foods on foot. 

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3. London, United Kingdom

If you are a student planning to visit the incredible English capital, then you’re in for a treat with the number of activities fit for any student throughout every season. First of all, the country itself welcomes a large number of students every year, given its wide pool of elite universities that provide high-quality teaching and learning so there are lots of bars and pubs that offer cheap beer as well as a wealth of free museums and things to do. When it comes to choosing the perfect restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, London has a solution for all types of people. While there are plenty of affordable pubs and bars, there are some that can be quite pricey, so make sure to check the menus online before you head there. When eating out, we recommend you take coupons that offer discounts on different restaurants. In this way, it will be easier to survive in London on a low budget. 

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4. Prague, Czech Republic

The architecture in Prague is too stunning and the culture too colourful to be dimmed by a dull spring day. The red-tiled roofs and cobbled streets are beautiful all year round, however spending a spring weekend in this romantic city should definitely be on your bucket list. There are fewer tourists at this time of the year so you can enjoy the best budget accommodation for even cheaper prices. Plus you can roam the breathtaking sites like Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Prague Castle without battling your way through the buzzing crowds of tourists that the summer months bring. Prague is also one of the top cities in Europe for students as it’s just so cheap! Make the most of Czech beers for around 35CZK ($1.50) a pint, and party at the biggest club in Europe - Karlovy Lazne.  

5. Rome, Italy

Tuck into a tiramisu this spring and enjoy the colourful culture of the Romans. You will enjoy sipping the city’s unique espresso and twirling pasta - the delightful food experiences that the city has to offer tourists is enough to make your mouth water. While Rome is a popular city at all times of year, spring is a much quieter time to visit when there aren’t huge crowds at the Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain, or at the Colosseum. See all these bucket list sites at your own pace, indulge in the delicious Italian cuisine and relax with your friends in the most bustling city in the country.

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6. Dublin, Ireland

For students with a love of beer and nightlife, Dublin is the ideal city. Experience a proper Irish evening full of delicious hot stew, pints of perfectly poured Guinness and the best live music pubs in the world! Dublin is also famous for its many historic libraries if drinking and dancing isn’t really your thing. Some of these stunning libraries include the Chester Beatty Library and Trinity College. There’s also some thriving food markets to browse like Temple Bar food markets every Saturday and Mespil Road Grand Canal market every Thursday lunchtime for some great affordable street food. 

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7. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the city that makes you simply fall in love on the first day you arrive there. Its beaches, friendly people, stunning architecture, traditional food and drinks are some of the things that attract people from all over the world, and this does not exclude students. Known for living on low cash, students can have a lot of fun in Barcelona from waking up and visiting the city’s awe-inspiring sights to lazing on the beach on a warm spring day. Some museums even offer free admission to students. Then your evenings can be filled with cheap drinks in some cool local bars after feasting in affordable and authentic tapas restaurants. 

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8. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is definitely the city that should be on everybody’s bucket list because undoubtedly it is the ‘cool’ city of Europe. The city boasts multiple music festivals and events that keep it buzzing with tourists during every season. For students, Amsterdam is simply the city to be. To travel cheaply across the city, rent a bike for about 10 euros and go through the city like every other local. Also, there are bars that multiple types of beer for you to try out at affordable prices. King’s Day is Amsterdam’s party of the year which happens in the middle of spring at the end of April, just be sure to book your accommodation well in advance if you want to attend. Cycle along the cobbled streets, soak up the atmosphere in the city’s coolest bars and chill out in Vondelpark on a warmer spring day. There’s so much to do in Amsterdam for every budget. 

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9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a dynamic city that brings together lots of diverse cultures and trends. It is also known to be the city of young people and students. Apart from the advanced education system, Berlin is relatively a very cheap city to visit which is partly why it’s so perfect for students to visit. Tick off some bucket list sights like the East Side Gallery and Brandenburg Gate, and join the city’s coolest locals for Sunday karaoke sessions in Mauer Park. Take your friends to the giant beer halls for a huge stein of local beer, make the most of some of Europe’s best cheap eats like currywurst and German doner kebabs and spend your nights out at Berlin’s famous night clubs. The city is every student’s dream city break!

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Europe is filled with intriguing culture, fascinating history and delicious cuisine for a student like you to experience at least once in your college life. Traveling to and through Europe is cheaper in spring than in the peak months of summer, so there isn’t a better time for a students to vacation here than between March and May. Get a group together and experience the best, most affordable cities in Europe while the weather warms up and the crowds are smaller. You won’t regret it.

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