7 Best Places for Hot Chocolate in London

The most indulgent cups of cocoa in the English capital

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  • 15 November 2018
  • • 5 min read

Nothing screams comfort on a cold British day like a decadent cup of cocoa in a cosy cafe, and once you’ve tried one of the best hot chocolates in London, you’ll never look back. London’s best hot chocolate cafes serve it up in all the delicious ways you’d want, from creamy liquid chocolate with classic whipped cream, topped with a giant pile of chocolate shavings or even a giant toasted marshmallow lid. London’s hot chocolate scene is something extra indulgent, you just need to know where to find the best of the best, so here they are; the best places for a hot chocolate in London.


If you find yourself in Brick Lane craving some indulgence, make Dark Sugars your next port of call. The Ghanaian chocolate shop uses cocoa beans straight from the owner’s West African homeland and combines them in a creamy hot chocolate with all sorts of fun, fiery and downright delicious flavours. White chocolate, caramel and hazelnut hot chocolates are a few of the ‘safer’ options, otherwise go for something like their chilli cocoa or Pitch Black Hot Chocolate for a real taste sensation. Topped off with a mountain of dark, milk or white chocolate shavings (or all three), for a cup of cocoa that looks as good as it tastes and tastes as good as it looks, Dark Sugars will be there for you.

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Chin Chin Labs in Camden and Soho won’t let you down for a comforting hot chocolate that’s something special. The thick, luxurious texture of the liquid chocolate is served with a toasted marshmallow cap, the absolute icing on the cake and definitely the name-maker of Chin Chin’s hot chocolates. Before you scoop out all the marshmallow and let it melt in your mouth, mix at least some of it in with the chocolate beneath to get that perfect balance of sweet marshmallow and rich, nutty chocolate. On the menu is even a Chin Chin Vegan Hot Chocolate, one of the tastiest vegan hot chocolates in London.

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The proper Italian-style hot chocolates at Said are quite literally dripping in chocolate. Choose your favourite between white, milk or dark chocolate, then small, medium or large and take a seat at a little wooden table to seriously indulge. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a hot chocolate that’s rich, dense and pretty much molten chocolate - you could almost use a spoon to eat it, it’s that dreamy. The handmade chocolates, truffles and profiteroles in the shop are also well worth trying, just perhaps not along with the cup of cocoa unless you’re sugar cravings are the real deal! Plus, the interior is just as photo worthy as the sweet treats it serves up.

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Order a long and frothy at Ruby Violet for the hot chocolate of your dreams. The almost DIY option means you can make your hot choc as rich and creamy as you want to really suit your sweet tooth. Pour the hot, frothy milk over the molten chocolate in your cup and drink up one of the smoothest, tastiest hot chocolates in London. A special mention also goes to the Ruby Violet’s crockery, with shiny gold cups and saucers making this liquid cocoa even more decadent than it was already.

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For a hot chocolate with old British style, Rococo is the place to go. Selling fine quality chocolates combined with countless different flavours, it’s no surprise that the owners know how to whip up a gorgeous hot chocolate, too. Boasting a variety of different hot chocolates, if you'd like yours to have a little extra flavour, they have a selection of spices they can add that’ll still make it deliciously creamy and perfectly indulgent. In the summer, sip on your cocoa in their beautiful Moroccan-style terrace that’s like a hidden garden round the back of the Belgravia store. The vegans and dairy-free amongst you will be pleased to hear that they can serve you a hot chocolate you don't have to worry about from each of their stores in Chelsea, Seven Dials, Notting Hill, Marylebone and Belgravia.

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RABOT 1745

Overlooking Borough Market with interior inspiration from Saint Lucia’s cocoa plantations, Rabot 1745 without doubt serves up one of the best cups of hot chocolate in London. There are plenty of different chocolate flavours to suit any sweet tooth, from 70% dark chocolate, white chocolate or salted caramel, to mint chocolate, hot chocolate with rum or iced hot chocolate which is said to be unreal. The balance of flavours and quality of cocoa used throughout every cup they serve is why people come back for more time and time again.

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Living up to the name and whipping up some of the wackiest and most indulgent hot chocolates in London, Choccywoccydoodah will hit the spot for you chocoholics. Once you’ve walked through the incredible chocolate sculpture displays and marvelled at how on earth that can really be edible, find the cafe and grab a cosy seat. The hot chocolate menu of milk, dark or white is simple but effective, as you’ll find a lucious layer of pure melted chocolate at the bottom of your cup, and you can cover it with all sorts of seriously sweet treats. When in Covent Garden looking for your chocolate fix, there’s only one place to go.

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