The 7 Best Photo Spots in Bruges

Where to take your camera in Bruges

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  • 28 August 2018
  • • 3 min read

Bruges is a backpacker’s paradise just waiting to be discovered. The city lies on one of the most popular travel routes in Europe and it’s easily accessible from the main hubs such as London, Amsterdam and Paris. Brugge is a perfect getaway to relax, enjoy some of the world’s best Belgian beers and admire the gorgeous architecture that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Bruges in no doubt a photographer’s paradise. With a photo opportunity at almost every corner you turn, the quaint city is simply magical. We’ve rounded up the best photography spots in the fairytale city, so get snapping...


This canal offers one of the most beautiful views for a perfect Brugge photograph, and is located very close to the main square. Behind the name “Golden Hand Canal” there is an urban legend not many know about - this and many other secrets are revealed if you follow Legends Of Bruges Free Walking Tour (night tour every day, 8pm, departing from Market Square).


Following the south-east side of the ring road, these windmills are a must stop when creating a photo gallery of this medieval city.  By climbing on top of the hills you will also have a panoramic view of the skyline of Brugge. Warm weather tip: Have a picnic in the windmill park! Some of the windmills are also available to visit for a small fee.


“The most photographed canal in Brugge” in the heart of the city centre is a must visit both day and night. In the background you have the Belfry of Bruges, a medieval bell tower that served as an observation point for spotting fire and other dangers. First built around 1240 and since then thrice rebuilt, it now stands one of the  tallest buildings in Brugge.  You can also catch a boat tour from here that takes you along the canals for different viewpoints of the city.


One of the tiniest streets in Brugge might be difficult to find (although located only a few meters from the Market Square), but hides a cozy beer cafe inside and a perfect photograph spot. The specialty of this bar is their house brewed beer, De Garre - and you can only get it from here! Dating back to the 1700s this bar leaves you thinking how many people has sat there before you.. Ask for a house beer (served with delicious cheese!) - but watch out for having too many! This beer heavenly but strong.


This secret garden is actually an abandoned house that never got renovated. The neighbours started keeping their plants there and eventually it expanded to a house size half-outdoor greenhouse. You may stumble upon a few abandoned houses in Bruges. WARNING: Enter at your own risk (but it’s worth it the thrill!)


While wandering around the streets of this medieval city, take a look at the roofs every now and then. They are all different, see? The roof is said to be a sign of wealthiness - the more there are steps, the more there was moolah when the house was built. Want to know what medieval Bruges looked like? Take a 3D tour in the History Museum of Brugge, Historium!


Let’s talk about how good everything looks through the 0,33l lens.. Or should we say, through beer goggles? Find yourself (or get lost) in one of the cellar bars over a beer that you probably had to take some time choosing (since there are just so many).  De Halve Maan Brewery is one of the two breweries in Brugge - a few fantastic beers, local food, great panoramic views and brewery tours.

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