Best Places for a Hot Chocolate in Bruges

What’s better than a creamy cup of hot cocoa in the winter?

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  • 08 November 2018
  • • 4 min read

Where better to treat your taste buds to quality hot cocoa than Belgium, the chocolate capital of Europe. In the medieval town of Bruges there are some amazing hot chocolate spots that you need to try if you’re ever in the quaint city. With winter upon us, nothing beats a smooth hot chocolate topped



The Old Chocolate House is a much-loved spot that is famous for serving up the best hot chocolate in Bruges: in fact this place has become a tourist hub because of its heaven on earth hot choc that everyone who goes there raves about. The Old Chocolate House is not just another shop in Bruges that sells chocolate; it’s more like a chocolate dining experience in a cosy medieval restaurant just off Simon Stevinplein. You can actually choose what type of chocolate you’d like to go inside your cup of cocoa, making for a more personalised experience. Get yourself a table upstairs in the Tea House, taste a wide selection of chocolate from around the world and soak in the traditional, quaint surroundings. You can even get your hot chocolate to take away for just 2 euros.

Top tip: Order the mouth watering waffles to complement your hot chocolate

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Another delicious cup of hot chocolate in Bruges can be found at the Tea-room De Proeverie. This quaint little tea room can be found on the cobbled street of Katelijnestraat with beautiful outdoor seating so you can people watch. The hot chocolate here is a delicious mix of hot milk and rich dark chocolate which is bought from the chocolate shop opposite ‘Sukerbuyc’, home to another of the city’s best hot chocolates. Which one you go to is up to you, see which shop looks more inviting when you’re there. One thing we can guarantee is that at both, you’ll be buying one hell of a good hot chocolate.

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One of Bruges’ best kept secrets is this hidden gem on Katelijnestraat. Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc (the shop we just mentioned above) has an insane collection of handmade chocolates. This is one of only a handful of places in Bruges that makes it own artisan chocolate on their premises and they taste DIVINE. You simply must indulge in their famous hot chocolate, considered to be one of the best in Bruges - and with it you’ll be served a few of the tasty chocolates on the side to try. For a heavenly (and authentic) chocolatey experience, this is the place to go!

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Right in the heart of Bruges close to Markt Square, you may stumble upon this fantastic chocolate spot. Olivier’s yummy hot chocolate stands out from the crowd in Bruges because there is such a variety of different flavours you can get. For €4.50 you can choose flavours for your hot choc such as honey, caramel, hazelnut, spicy, cookie, cappuccino and more. Or you can opt for a classic hot chocolate for €4. The hot chocolate will be served to you beautifully presented and arrive with a tray of special chocolate buttons.


Inside a coffee shop that has redecorated itself as a jungle, you can find some unusual but delicious hot chocolates. Choco Jungle Bar serves up a range of delicious chocolate drinks, hot or cold - and they are definitely a crowd pleaser. There is a speciality range of hot chocolates which are unique and quirky compared to a normal hot chocolate: you can order an Aztec hot chocolate flavoured with spices for example. There’s even a black forest hot chocolate and a Cobra hot chocolate (which is almost red in colour). The jungle theme is not only visually cool with snakes hanging down from the wall’ the Choco Jungle Bar also aims to give customers an authentic experience close as possible to be historically accurate to how Aztec/Mayans would have had there chocolate!

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