6 Best Summer Spots in Prague

For those heading to the Czech capital this summer, we have you covered

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  • 02 August 2017
  • • 5 min read

Thinking of going away this summer? Head to Prague! This beautiful historic capital has bundles to do under the sun from pretty parks, rivers and beer gardens. We’ve picked out the best spots in the Czech city to kick back and relax, so you don’t have to do the research yourself…


Náplavka, Praha, Czechia

Prague’s popular hipster hangout. In the summer months, Naplavka is a honey pot full of tourists and locals swarming to the area like bees to soak up some sun. There’s a range of fun things to do in Naplavka from sitting on the pretty riverbank, having a drink at one of the floating bars or exploring the wonders of the popular Naplavka Farmers Market. The lively riverbank is where people come to rollerskate, dance (at the Swing nights) and drink.

If you’re feeling a little peckish try out Kristian Marco, a restaurant on a boat serving good food and cheap beer. In the day time, head down to the breathtaking  “Zofin Palac” located on a small island and just a 10 minute walk from  Náplavka where you can rent some paddle boats, see the swans and go on the water.


Riegrovy Sady, 120 00 Praha 2, Czechia

With an incredible view over the city, Riegrovy Sady is a classic local favourite located on a hill (a great place to set up a picnic). The view isn’t the only incredible thing that the place has to offer. It also has a lively beer garden, a great way to spend your day or evening enjoying screenings of football or even hockey matches. There are quite a few food and beer stands too where you can try some local Czech dishes including sausages, grilled hermelin cheese, malinovka (Czech homemade raspberry soda) and beyond - there’s even a Pilsner stand. All beer from here is made from quality Czech malt and hops and the cuisine is simply delicious. The 3 microbrews on tap are Zemsky, Svetlý Ležák 12° .5 – 38 Kc and Jantarová 13° .5 – 39 Kc.

The best part? It’s located within walking distance from our Czech Inn hostel.

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170 00 Prague 7, Czechia

Offering you the best view of Prague: Letenske Sady also known as Letna Park is the place to come on a summer day!  This classic beer garden and park sits on top of a hill overlooking the entire city. Climb up the many steps (a good workout for all you gym lovers) where you will find the metronome (or, if you’re not so much of a gym lover, you can take the cable-car instead of those infinite stairs!) Just beneath the metronome you will find the trendy Stalin Bar. A giant statue of Stalin used to sit on top an old bunker, hence its name. This place is summer paradise with a bar, cinema evenings, music nights, outdoor seating and a fabulous view of the entire city and the Vltava river. Isn’t this what summer’s about?

Want to admire the Castle whilst in one of the most beautiful historic capitals? You can easily walk there from the park as it connects via the Summer Palace and Castle Gardens. A nice stroll with some beautiful sights!


Havlíčkovy sady, 120 00 Praha 2, Czechia

Are you wine lover? Well, for those not keen on beer but have a passion for the more sophisticated stuff make sure you head to Havlíčkovy Sady, a beautiful park inspired by the Italian Renaissance. Just around the corner from the Czech Inn hostel, this stunning park is home to the Grebovka vineyard, founded in the 14th century - the perfect place to satisfy wine drinkers in the city. The park is full of fountains, lakes and some wonderful statues and monuments so take in the magnificent landscape around you as you relax with a book in the sun. A great place to spend your day whilst soaking in the beauty of it all. If you get hungry test out the impressive Viniční altán, the vineyards wooden gazebo restaurant and winery.


170 00 Bubeneč, Czechia

Stromovka is the largest park in Prague. With flat and wide paths, this pretty park is the ideal place for walking, biking, roller skating, dog walking and skateboarding. You can even rent out a grill and enjoy a nice bbq with some friends. There’s a lot of history behind this park, it used to be a hunting ground for the nobility living in the castle, and later on, the park was burnt down due to wars caused by Maria Theresa’s reign! Although, nowadays, the park is opened for the public and is used for various festivals, conventions and a yearly two month long spring festival. There is also a lesser known beer garden here called Tiskarna, which is becoming more popular with its garden courtyard-like atmosphere.


Petřínské sady 417/5, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia

With many attractions such as the mirror maze, a museum and some lovely cafes, Petrin Hill will not disappoint. Get a great view of the city by climbing up the hill, or, if you’re feeling a little tired, you can take a funicular. Once you’ve arrived at the top of the hill, you will see the Observation tower (also known as the mini version of the Eiffel Tower) which you can climb up and from there you can see an even better view of Prague.

The Observation tower is set in landscaped gardens, including a rose garden which makes for a pleasant stroll during the summer and one you definitely need to tick of that bucket list!

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