The 20 Best Things That Have Happened in Our Hostels

Have any of these happened to you?

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  • 05 July 2017
  • • 3 min read

We asked our STC community to share their most exciting (and funniest) experiences whilst staying in our hostels. Here are some of the best comments we received…

Ville Danielsson

A guy sleeping in the bed next to me. He kept staring at me throughout the night and I couldn’t sleep because of that. By morning as i walked past his bed i noticed he slept with eyes wide open like ol gandalf

Helen Hield

At St Christopher's Inn Gare du Nord. Reuniting with my 2 daughters who I hadn't seen for 12 years! Beers, Belushi's burgers and beaucoup de How great is that!!! 😍

Deborah Echtle

In London...IT was the Best night of my life. .. Sitting together on the rooftop with some People from all over the world..Just talking and watching the Stars. . I will never forget that.

Celena Liu

At the Paris Canal Inn one night, there was a DJ spinning dope beats, everyone was tipsy and we all got up, danced & made this huge conga line with everyone at the bar :) Good times

Megan Ellis

Partying with the pompiers across the road from Canal, Paris on July 13th! Their fire station party before Bastille Day was awesome! I'd love to go again!

Ally Vincent

Checking in one early morning completely exhausted. Not being able to really check in and just lounging around on the booths and eating everything!

Cathal Mone

Getting randomly upgraded to the top room in the Paris Canal Hostel that provided this photoshoot!

Pierce Parker

I met my wife there 2 years ago. We have a beautiful baby daughter! Her name is 'Christina'. Guess why we named her 'Christina'.

Chiang Mt

I always can make new friends all over the world when I stay at St. Christopher's Inn !!

Regina O Connor

I met my husband :' )

Peter M Hayes

Meeting this lot in Paris!

Mai Lissa

Met one of my best friends under a bunk bed and talked about our dreams ... 2 years later I'm coming to revisit him and we're both making our dreams happen as we speak!

Will Taylor

America vs England beer pong in Barcelona

Amber Paff

Being super hungover & having to pack as I was leaving at midnight, some hot German guys helping me pack because you know I was going to die from being hungover. Then Sitting in her bar with random in the same boat & getting those delicious ginger cookies from the bar & scrounging enough $$ for chips & gravy to share. This was in Paris, canal.

Illaria Del Maso

I was in Amsterdam and actually the best night was the one I spent at the St Christopher’s Inn bar, from the happy hour until late night. I got there directly from the Bruges one, casually walked into the bar and thought “How cool! Let’s have a party here” and then discovered it was a St Christopher’s too. Apparently it was meant to happen!

Rachel-Amber Caldwell

Came with one friend left with eight extras J hostel life is always a great way to meet travel buddies!

Emily Inglis

Getting to stare at the hot bartender who looked a lot like James Dean- location classified

Peter Alstam

Being greeted by wonderful staff, and thinking one of the staff looked like Katy Perry!

Martin Thorn

Half price food on Tuesday night at the Newquay hostel

Jr Davies

Met someone who was a wild, beautiful and fun loving as me and we stayed a month longer in the hostel

Anna Rose Griffin

Got engaged! In the Paris one!

And that’s why hostels are the best, people!

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