6 Best Travel Backpacks for Backpacking in 2019

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  • 15 January 2019
  • • 5 min read

A good travel backpack is a solid investment if you're about to go travelling. It’s probably going to be one of the first things you buy for your trip. And since the backpack will travel the world with you, you want it to be sturdy, spacious and comfortable. Usually, a decent travel backpack will set your bank balance back over £100 - seems quite a lot of money but it’s totally worth it because it will last for years to come. There are three things to consider before buying the perfect travel backpack and it will be different for everyone. 1) Make sure that your backpack is in proportion to your body 2) It has to sit comfortably on your back 3) Ensure that it’s a suitable size for the length of your trip. Read our guide on  How to Choose the Perfect Travel Backpack for You  if you need more advice.

Need good recommendations? These are our top backpacks of 2019…



Osprey is a frontrunner when it comes to backpack brands and we feel that this particular one, the Farpoint 55, is a winner if you’re looking for a carry on bag that doesn’t look as big as you. Osprey products are known for being high quality, innovative and sleek in the design, and that’s exactly what you get with the Farpoint 55. The bag is lightweight, durable and the day pack can be easily removed from the main pack if you need a smaller bag to take out into the city or onto the aircraft. The day pack is the perfect size to take around sightseeing and exploring.

We love how much space there is inside (it’s more spacious than it looks) and there are plenty of secret pockets and even a laptop sleeve; very practical. They’re built to be tossed around, taken on hikes and for gallivanting new cities. We’d say this backpack is big enough for a 2 week trip and it’s small enough to carry-on most airlines. If you need a bigger pack for a longer trip, perhaps upgrade to the 70l for £10 extra.

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If the Osprey backpack above is a bit out of your budget, then this Kelty Redwing 50 backpack is a great contender and does practically the same job. Specialising in camping backpacks, daypacks and travel backpacks, Kelty is a reputable brand to purchase from. If you’re looking for a medium-sized backpack that offers ample storage space and comfort, this one comes highly recommended. Unzipping all the way around, it makes access to the very bottom of the backpack super easy and fast. It comes with removable hip straps and very sturdy zips. It’s comfy to carry around for long periods of time too. If you’re a light packer, this 50 litre backpack should see you through a 13 day trip around Europe.

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Gregory is one of the best backpack manufacturers around. This cutting-edge, high quality women’s backpack is a bit bigger than the backpack mentioned above - the perfect option for those ladies amongst you who are looking for a bit more space on a shorter trip. The Gregory Jade is stylish, spacious and it provides great support on your back with its CrossFlo suspension feature. You can use this backpack for hiking, short trips, camping; it’s got you covered for anything thrown your way. One of the cool things about this backpack is that it will keep you cool on the road with its ventilated trampoline back panel. It also comes with a handy raincover.

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Going on a big adventure this year and need a backpack that can handle the journey? Well, a 70l backpack (pictured on the right) will be able to hold all of your things for a month long trip or longer. The Deuter Traveller Men’s backpack is robust, comfortable on the shoulders with the extra padding and it has three grab handles. It also comes with a detachable day pack. The U-shaped zip makes it easy to access the whole compartment making it a practical option. Being the most expensive in this list, we’d only recommend this pack to experienced travellers who are on the road for weeks or months at a time. If you’re travelling for the first time, try something a little cheaper to start with and get a feel for what kind of backpack you like.

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North Face is a popular brand amongst adventure-seekers, hikers and travellers. The North Face Terra backpack is perfect for longer trips because it can store A LOT of stuff without feeling like you’re carrying yourself in body weight. If you’re going on a trip any longer than 2 and a half weeks, then you’ll probably need a backpack that can hold between 60-70 litres.  This backpack is perfect coming in halfway at 65 litres. Sturdy and spacious yet trendy and sleek, the Terra is available in two colourways: camo green or dark grey. The rear of the backpack is made out of a breathable material to keep you cool, the moulded hip belt provides support and comfort and there are plenty of pockets and places to store important things in easily reached areas.

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Looking for a 65 litre backpack that’s a bit cheaper? Well, Karrimor has you covered. This Panther backpack boasts an adjustable back system so that you can make sure the pack is tailored to your back length. This makes carrying large loads more comfy. Perfect for longer  trips, we highly recommend this backpack for those who are travelling on the road for the first or second time and need something a little more affordable than some of the gear out here. This backpack does the job! With plenty of pockets, a massive main compartment and zip out dividers, organised packers will appreciate this rucksack.

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