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  • 07 August 2018
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At St Christopher’s, we love searching for travel inspo and backpacker advice on Youtube. Whether it’s tips for exploring Paris on a budget, how to choose the right backpack, or delicious foodie videos which in turn tempt us to book a flight out ASAP, we know once we get on Youtube, it’s pretty hard to get off. You can get a real feel for a city by watching great vlogs - but it’s the bloggers themselves who really make it informative, funny and captivating to watch. These guys travel the world and share their stories and tips with us - and we just can’t get enough.

We have a few favourites - check out our go-to travel vloggers we love to watch on Youtube for all the best backpacker travel advice...


American Youtuber Living Bobby aka Bobby Briskey is actually hilarious. He does some pretty unique travel stunts such as 24 hours in New York living on JUST FRIES. He’s even documented when he travelled FOR FREE for 24 hours. He’s the kind of blogger you just can’t stop watching. Bobby tops our list because he reps the backpackers on a budget - he can be a hot mess at times but always manages to find his way out of funny situations in the end. If you wanna know how to live cheaply in a big city, he’s your man.

Check out his video when he came and tested out the UK’s very first capsule hostel, .


Our favourite London bloggers, Jesse and Will from TOPJAW are the boys to trust when it comes to good grub in the British capital. Our favourite video is when they went to test out the best burgers in London (it will make you drool), as well as scoping out the best food in Chinatown. They are seriously honest in their reviews of the city’s best cheap eats - and Jesse will make you laugh throughout. And they don’t just review food, they also explore London’s coolest hangouts. If you’re heading to London anytime soon, check out their channel.


British blogger Mollie Bylett is famous for her travel and adventure blog,  Where’s Mollie , but she also has an epic Youtube channel. She takes her GoPro everywhere - and we get to go with her (literally - she organises group trips as part of her Global Travellers programme and anyone is welcome). For those looking for authentic travel tips for Australia and New Zealand, Mollie has you covered as she has done them both in true backpacking style. Whether it’s surfing tips for beginner’s or how to do a 5 day road trip in Iceland, even an African safari, her videos never let us down for inspiration. High quality videos and high quality advice.


Damon and Jo (formally known as Shut Up and Go) are one of the funniest duos on YouTube's travel scene. The best friends make all sorts of travel videos together. Whether they’re vlogs, money saving videos, 48 hour city guides or travel challenges, they’re a channel to look out for if you’re after some light-hearted viewing! Between them they speak a multitude of languages from Italian to French to Portuguese, they'll seriously make you want to get brushing up on those old language skills before your next trip.

Check out these 


The VagaBrothers, aka Alex and Marko, are all round travel goals. If their videos don’t make you wanna book onto a flight out of town ASAP then we don’t know what will! They’ve been everywhere, from India, North America, South Korea, Canada, Paris and other parts of Europe and the rest of the world. On their channel, expect to find tonnes of city guides, outdoor adventure tips and travel advice like the one we’ve linked, travel hacks followed by a whole load of extreme travel envy on your part!


We at St Christopher’s Inns have big plans for our Youtube channel. So far we've been to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bath, Paris and London, taking you around the cities in 48 hours while filling you in on handy travel hacks and amazing places to eat the local food.

Check out this one where we take you around the best places to get proper British food in London for less than £10!

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If you get travel envy easily, we’d steer clear of this one… Because the videos that Salt in Our Hair post are unreal! Check out their ‘The Beauty Of’ playlist, featuring countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Oman and Bali (above) using drones to capture these places in the most beautiful way possible.


Drew’s travel videos are short, snappy but seriously addictive to watch. You start off by thinking you’ll only watch one, but one hour and 20 videos later, you’ll be Googling the next cheap flights out to the Philippines! Drew has been to over 140 countries (that’s only since 2012) with his goal being to visit every single country in the world before 2021. Head to his channel to watch him do it!


Eric and Allison from The Endless Adventure are couple goals, and they’re also major foodies. Every new place that these guys go to, there will be a video coming up all about the food you’ve got to try while you’re there (whether they’re tasty or not). Cuba, Malaysia, Japan, Norway, Scotland and England are just a small handful of the foodie videos that Eric and Allison have covered, and that's not mentioning their regular vlogs.


Tali is a more up-and-coming vlogger but we love her passion and in depth reviews when she’s filming her videos. If you’re a solo female traveller, or you’re thinking about going solo, Tali has some really awesome tips to get you started. She covers mainly Europe and stays in hostels as she goes. Her videos give some really useful advice: take her tips on staying in co-ed hostels for the first time, solo travel and how to battle with homesickness on the road. She’s been to Poland, Austria, London, Budapest, Prague and more - and she does it all on her own.


Christian from Lost LeBlanc has been pretty much everywhere, and he has the YouTube channel to prove it. His style of video switches between cool montages using drones and day-to-day vlogs during his travels. Either way, every video he posts is of amazing quality and contains awesome tips and raw advice for places you may be thinking of heading to. Check out his ‘Top 10’ videos for Paris, Thailand, Philippines, America and loads more - you’ll be in awe!

Want more? Check out the 

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