Best Up-and-Coming Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

Our top inspirational and sustainable travel accounts to fill your feed in 2020

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  • 16 December 2019
  • • 7 min read

It’s the beginning of another new decade, giving you the perfect excuse to make your travels this year ones to really remember. Getting the spark for wanderlust is easy when you have Instagram. Whether it’s chasing the sun to island paradise, looking for epic views from high up mountain peaks or soaking in the culture of a medieval city, Instagram inspires every kind of traveller. Fill your feed with some of the best travel accounts on Instagram for ideas on where to go, what to see and how to be the best traveller you can. Sustainability is one of the most important things to bear in mind when travelling, and responsible tourism in 2020 is all set to boom. Check out these amazing up-and-coming travel Instagram accounts who’ll make you want to book a one way ticket ASAP, many of which are also putting a strong focus on sustainability in the coming year and beyond. 

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Graine de Voyageuse

Pauline is one of our favourite Instagrammers to follow for beautiful photos that are captured with care and with responsible tourism at the forefront of each one. The French nomad has travelled far and wide with her husband, Emam, from the islands of Malaysia to the coast of her home country. You’d never guess that the now full-time traveller wasn’t always the wanderluster she is these days. On her blog , Pauline has been very open about how she used to be afraid to travel - so much so that she once turned down an opportunity to study abroad for one year. Now, she’s climbed active volcanoes, solo travelled and made herself at home in a number of different foreign countries - a glance down her Instagram feed would never suggest she has or ever did have any fear of leaving France. We love her for the open and honest way in which she talks about her travels and how far she’s come. 

Check out Pauline’s Instagram

Johnny Golden

From the white walls of Santorini to the rice terraces of Bali, Johnny Golden knows what an awe-inspiring photo looks like. Johnny and his travel companion Kyle Russo are a pair with seriously itchy feet! If there’s a photogenic wall, step or view in sight, you can count on them to capture it perfectly with a filter that’ll keep you scrolling down until you near enough reach the end of his feed. Having spent a lot of time in Europe in recent months, keep your eyes peeled for his next adventure over in India. 

Check out Johnny’s Instagram

Soul Travel Blog

If you’re looking to be inspired by responsible tourism and keeping your travel impact to a minimum, Ellie and Ravi from Soul Travel Blog are the couple for this. Through their feed, they aim to highlight the ways in which we can all travel with care from choosing eco-lodges over resorts to using local and sustainable companies for trips and tours. The pair are obsessed with intricate architecture and off-the-beaten-track gems, especially in India, whether they’re backpacking or looking for sustainable luxury. Follow them and chip into their conversations about conscious travel which they start in each one of their Insta captions. Or simply follow for some beautiful and inspiring images. Did we mention they have a blog , too? Check it out to read more of their travel stories.

Check out Ellie & Ravi’s Instagram

Michelle Alves

Not so up-and-coming on the South American travel scene but an awesome newcomer to Europe, Michelle has the largest travel Youtube channel in Brazil! Follow her journey around the world and witness her obsession with European capitals and old, medieval towns. So far, she’s ticked off 20 countries around the world but there’s no way that’s coming to a stand still any time soon, as this jet setter has big plans for 2020. From exploring all corners of Paris to the medieval sites of Edinburgh, Michelle’s Instagram feed is full of incredible inspiration for your new year travels. 

Check out Michelle on Instagram

Two Dusty Travellers

Emily and Aaron are the brains behind travel Insta account and blog, Two Dusty Travellers, with a deep love in particular for road trips, wildlife and experiencing local culture. The pair’s aim is to promote the ways in which travellers can explore the world whilst doing good to the planet. From joining an expedition with an all-female anti-poaching unit in Africa to ethical whale diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Emily and Aaron are here to open up a whole host of incredible ethical travel opportunities. Check out their 101 Simple Responsible Tourism Tips which include loads of important information to know before you volunteer abroad, as well as a tonne of links that’ll come in very useful. 

Follow Emily and Aaron on Instagram

Thaleia Loannou

Athens-based adventurer Thaleia Loannou has one of the most satisfying feeds on this list. We love the real mix of nature, culture and aesthetic, much of it consisting of chasing down the sun in Europe through all the seasons. Beautiful buildings, quirky views and power poses, Thaleia has a real eye for creating a truly inspiring image. If you follow her, be prepared for your bucket list to grow with every photo she posts! From Serbian summers to sunsets over her home city of Athens, keep an eye out for Thaleia on the travel Insta scene, she’s coming up fast!

Follow Thaleia on Instagram

German Backpacker

Patrick Muntzinger, better known as The German Backpacker, is a top travel blogger to follow for some awesome inspiration to get out and give solo travelling a go. Follow him on his journey from all corners of Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and way more as he visits huge bustling cities to more hidden gems while making friends every step of the way. And it’s all on a budget! He’s managed to tick off over 50 countries so far, but the goal is really to put his stamp on each and every country across the world. Check out Patrick’s travel blog for backpacking tips and great city guides for those on a budget.

Follow Patrick on Instagram

Travel Dave

Another solo travel inspiration, Dave Brett is a UK-based travel blogger whose Instagram account is packed with fun and adventure. Dave is also one of those guys who meets new people and makes friends on every journey he goes on - whether it’s locals in a guesthouse, or fellow backpackers in a hostel. He’s not afraid to throw himself in at the deep end which you can see from the photos on his Insta feed. Whether he’s befriending the Japanese deer in Nara, or riding in tuk tuks in Sri Lanka, Dave’s sense of humour shines through his feed. Dave’s blog is also well worth a read for some seriously useful backpacking tips so check it out and explore the world with him.

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Diary Wings

Full of colour, smiles and adventure, Katerina is the happy face behind the travel Instagram feed, Diary Wings. Her goal is to inspire people who believe travel is too expensive or simply not for them to get out there and see the world with her money saving tips and tricks. Check out her adventures across Bali, and her encounters with the Amazonian wildlife in Peru, and hit follow to hear stories from her best (and honest accounts of her worst) days of travelling. 

Follow Katerina on Instagram

Green Suitcase Travel

Green Suitcase Travel is all about, you guessed it, travelling green. This inspo-filled Instagram account was started up by Misty Foster who has a huge passion for impacting the world in a positive way. Now, her blog is blowing up (if it hasn’t already) into one big bank of sustainable travel tips and information. Follow Green Suitcase Travel on Instagram for some absolutely stunning photography and inspirational quotes, but be sure to visit Misty’s blog , too. From a short read through the Green Suitcase website, you’ll be sure to learn at least something new about travelling sustainably and ethically. Plus, Misty and her team can even plan an entire trip for you based on what you love while ensuring your travel impact is kept to a minimum. 

Check out Green Suitcase Travel on Instagram

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