9 Best Travel Shows to Watch on Netflix

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  • 23 March 2020
  • • 5 min read

Since we’re unable to travel for a while and we’ve been advised to stay at home, what can we do to satisfy that travel itch? Luckily there are fun things you can do to fuel your wanderlust from the sofa. If you’re looking for the best travel shows to binge watch on Netflix, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest and inspirational travel series or documentaries that will take you to all corners of the planet. These awesome shows will not only help you plan your future travels, but also take you off the tourist track from your TV or laptop screen. Make good use of your time in quaruntine with these awesome travel shows that are available to watch on Netflix right now...

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'Street Food'

If your favourite thing about travelling is trying all the local food, then you’ll get hooked on the documentary Street Food. This heartwarming show is made up of nine episodes, each one focusing on nine different street food cities. The episodes focus on the people who work hard on the streets of their hometown to serve authentic, droolworthy food to locals every day to make a living. From Bangkok, New Delhi to Osaka, Ho Chi Minh and Seoul, this show will make you smile when you see the love that goes into the cooking and it will give you a real feel for what street food to expect when travelling to these incredible cities. Just don’t watch this when you’re hungry…

'Asian Provocateur'

One of the funniest travel shows out there is Asian Provocateur. In Season 1, British stand-up comedian Romesh Ranganathan goes on a journey to Sri Lanka to discover his roots and learn more about the country he derives from. If you’ve always wanted to visit Sri Lanka, this documentary will show you what to expect from this beautiful country while also making you laugh out loud. Romesh reluctantly  partakes in local traditions but sees the beauty of his culture at the end. In Season 2, Romesh travels through the Sunshine State, Canada and America’s deep south! Get ready to binge…

'Tales by Light'

This 3-season Australian documentary follows two Australian photographers who travel around the world as we watch them try and capture the perfect images. The show tells a powerful story combining exploration, photography and nature. Pushing the limits of their craft, watch the photographers travel to some of the most remote parts of the world from Nepal all the way to Africa for their storytelling. This show will tantalize your senses and keep you inspired from your sofa. All you have to do is put the kettle on…

'The Calling'

This reality TV documentary sees food-crazed travel junkies journey across India, completing bucket list challenges after winning a once-in-a-lifetime scholarship to travel the country with TLC (an Indian television company). Receiving thousands of entries, only three travellers were chosen for the programme and you can watch them step out of their comfort zone travelling through eight Indian states. With one season and 8 episodes you will see friendships form, lives changing and once-in-a-lifetime dreams come true.

'Our Planet'

Narrated by David Attenbourgh, Our Planet is a beautifully produced documentary made for Netflix all about Mother Earth. One to watch for those who love wildlife and nature, every episode will fascinate you with its focus on climate change and how it’s affecting the world and all living creatures. Our Planet is a Netflix original series with eight different episodes, each one focusing on different topics: Jungles, Coastal Seas, Deserts to Grasslands, Frozen Worlds and more. The filmography is simply incredible.

'Dark Tourist' 

Looking to experience the darker side of travel? Dark Tourist is a fascinating documentary where journalist David Farrier explores the dark tourism industry, visiting places that are historically associated with death and tragedy. With eight episodes to get hooked on, David goes to a nuclear lake, a haunted forest and some of the most unusual places around the world to learn more about the dark tourism phenomenon. It’s a fantastic watch if you ask us!

'Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father'

If you’re looking for a lighthearted travel series that’s a bit silly, then Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father is one to brighten your mood during this uncertain time. With his classic British humour, famous comedian Jack Whitehall takes his middle-class father around the world with him in true backpacking style. To this displeasure of his posh father, the trip is not how he is accustomed to travelling. In Season 1 they visit backpacker cities Bangkok, Phuket, Cambodia, Siem Reap and Hanoi. Season 2 sees them travel European cities such as Budapest, the German Alps, Moldova, Kiev and Istanbul.

'Exhibition Happiness'

Always wanted to pack up and go? Then this is the Netflix show for you. A filmmaker and his musician girlfriend take an epic road trip across North America with their dog in a refurbished school bus. Exhibition Happiness will take adventure lovers on a journey where they will witness two free spirits take on the vast continent hand in hand in search for something more. In one single episode, the show focuses on the unforgettable delights that travel brings but also brings to light the tougher times out on the road. The perfect show to put on in the background when working from home.

'Ugly Delicious' 

This is a great American-made documentary for foodies! Award-winning chef David Chang travels all around the world trying local food on a hunt to find the most mouth watering grub on our planet. Ugly Delicious sees celebrity guests join David for different episodes where he visits cities that are famed for their cuisines. From authentic tacos in Mexico, a traditional Brooklyn pizza to New Orleans seafood and Indian cuisine in Mumbai, enjoy two seasons of pure food heaven in some of the world’s coolest foodie cities. 

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