Best Vegan Spots in Europe

These are the best vegan spots around Europe

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  • 11 January 2023
  • • 3 min read

If you’re a vegan in Europe, you understand how satisfying it is to find an amazing plant-based restaurant in a new city. We've rounded up our favourite vegan places in Europe spanning London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin. Being vegan isn’t all plants and leaves; whether you’re after a tasty vegan burger, a delicious vegan pizza or flavour-packed Indian food, you can find it all in this article.

Plus, read on to find out our top picks for each city...


Top pick: What the Pitta

Honestly, this vegan kebab was the dream - if you're ever in East London you NEED to go here. What The Pitta specialises in selling delicious homemade doner kebabs from a quirky little hut in Shoreditch. The best part is the filling actually tastes like meat so you can indulge all you like feeling 100% cruelty-free.


Top pick: HANK

HANK Burger’s partner in crime HANK Pizza is the same style, same brand and same most things… Just a different address and no burgers in sight, just pizza! Order the ‘Petit Menu’ for €13 and you’ll get two huge slices of pizza, a salad, a drink (€1 extra for alcohol) AND a dessert. All the dough is prepared on-site and ‘raised’ for 72 hours to give it its lightness and crispiness, plus the pizza toppings are all fresh, delicious and often involve a very generous pile of tasty vegan cheese. If you love pizza, HANK will be your dream!


Top pick: Veggie Garden

Your new favourite vegan restaurant in the Raval neighbourhood, right in the centre of Barcelona. Veggie Garden is a fantastic vegan restaurant that really experiments with colour, flavours and different cultures. This restaurant is a real trip around the world for your taste buds where you can try colourful Indian Thali’s, Nepalese Momo, Shiitake noodles, Mexican wraps, biryanis and more. You can also order vegan burgers, tapas and salads. The best part is that Veggie Garden is just a 7-minute walk from the St Christopher’s Inns hostel so our vegan guests are sorted.


Top pick: Juice Brothers

Your number 1 juice stop. Everything is organic at Juice Brothers, with fruit and veg shredded up to make amazing healthy juices packed with goodness. They also offer wonderful breakfast bowls including acai bowls, smoothie bowls and other tasty but healthy treats, so we recommend heading here in the morning.


Top pick: MOMOS

Momos is famous in Berlin for the tastiest veggie and vegan dumplings around. The actual restaurant is only small with a simple selection of 6 different dumpling options on the menu. 4 out of the 6 options are vegan (the rest vegetarian), making Momos a perfect place to pop into for a quick bite to eat at lunchtime. We recommend going for the mix of vegan dumplings, which will come either steamed or fried and stuffed with fillings such as mushroom and potato or pumpkin and chickpea.

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