8 Best Vegan Spots in Paris

Where to find the best of plant-based Paris

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  • 25 October 2018
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Being a vegan in a city away from home can sound like more effort than it really is, and when in Paris it’s actually easier than ever. Delicious vegan spots in Paris have been popping up like crazy in recent years, from plant-based hot dogs to traditional French cooking made vegan. To make your hunt for Paris’ tastiest vegan food stress-free, we’ve rounded up a list of the city’s best vegan restaurants and cafes so you don’t have to.

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Located in the Haut-Marais area of Paris, HANK Burger (standing for Have A Nice Karma) is famous amongst the city’s vegans for churning out the juiciest vegan burgers in Paris. Try the l’Allumé burger, the smoky barbeque one with bell peppers, and the potato wedges with homemade veganaise - even the biggest meat lover would be beyond satisfied! Once you’ve tried a burger from HANK you’ll never turn back.

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HANK Burger’s partner in crime HANK Pizza is the same style, same brand and same most things… Just a different address and no burgers in sight, just pizza! Order the ‘Petit Menu’ for €13 and you’ll get two huge slices of pizza, a salad, a drink (€1 extra for alcohol) AND a dessert. All the dough is prepared on site and ‘raised’ for 72 hours to give it its lightness and crispiness, plus the pizza toppings are all fresh, delicious and often involve a very generous pile of tasty vegan cheese. If you love pizza, HANK will be your dream!

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We absolutely love Jah Jah by Le Tricycle - its menu stands out as much as its name does, as each dish is 100% plant-based with a Jamaican flair, making them all vibrant, healthy and delicious. Pick a hot, cold or raw bowl, each including several different elements like rice, okra stew, sides and salads, all of which work together to create an explosion of amazing Caribbean flavours. If you fancy a burger or hot dog, that’s on the menu, too. The overall vibe of this place is super chilled out and casual, ideal for a dinner and catch up with friends and, of course, unreal food.

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Hot Vog is pretty new to Paris’ vegan scene, but it’s quickly making its name for being one of the best vegan spots in the city. Serving up speciality vegan hot dogs for a fair price (get the meal deal for €13 with a drink, dessert, chips as well as a hot dog), local vegans are loving the new fast food shop that’s almost completely dedicated to ingredients they don’t have to look twice at. The menu is small but each filling is delicious and perfect for lunch or a light dinner to eat in or on the go.

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You might be on a budget, but you’re in Paris! And rather than splashing out on the overpriced, token vegan option in a local French bistro, spend those euro at Le Potager du Marais which serves a French menu that is 100% vegan. From cassoulet and bourguignon to tarte tatin and crème brûlée, now even vegans can get a taste of real French cuisine, one that’s usually very meat-centric and difficult for vegans to navigate. Here, you’d easily be able to trick your unconverted friends into thinking they were eating an indulgent, non-vegan French meal, and they would never know!

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For a taste of Vietnam in Paris, La Palanche d’Aulac is the place to go whether you’re vegan or not. The fully vegan menu is only small but each and every dish is just perfect. Think spring rolls, rice pancakes and pho with flavours stretching further than the usual tofu pho option as faux meats are on offer, too. The service is spot on and the food is presented beautifully and tastes just as good as it looks. For delicious vegan food in north Paris, be sure to put La Palanche d’Aulac on your restaurant bucket list and you’ll be in heaven.

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This quaint little cafe in Paris’ Bastille area is a wonderful place for a hearty yet healthy lunch. Massive salad bowls go down a treat, topped with all sorts of heavenly nutrient-rich ingredients for the health conscious. A colourful plate that will fill you up for your day. And it’s not just salads on the menu; indulge in daily specials such as heart warming vegan pies or tasty lasagnes. Cafe Ginger is a local favourite - and the desserts are simply divine. Any vegan would be impressed with a meal here.

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Next to Canal Saint Martin, you’ll find Sol Semilla, a fantastic vegan cafe that serves up a superfood packed menu. This rustic canteen is a local favourite where vegans (and non vegans) fill up the tables to get a taste of what Sol Semilla is all about. From lentil dhal, sweet potato curries, large bowls of salads to tasty vegan cakes there's something for everyone looking for a health-packed delicious meal. We recommend ordering the All Raw Plate which comes with salad, seasonal fruits and vegetables, nopal sauce and superfood oleaginous caviar. Boasting a cosy, warm atmosphere, you'll be happy you popped in to Sol Semilla for lunch or dinner.

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