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Where to get the best vegan street food in London

We’ve scouted out London’s tastiest vegan food stalls in the city’s best food markets

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  • 17 February 2020
  • • 7 min read

There’s no doubt that London is one of the best places in the world to be a vegan. Not only do most restaurants now cater to a plant-based diet, serving up dishes that are more than just bread and leaves, but 100% vegan restaurants are popping up left, right and centre. However when it’s street food you’re craving and you’re not sure where to look, we’ve got you covered. From Filipino noodles to Mexican tacos and Lebanese falafels to British pies, London’s vegan street food stalls are hands-down some of the best across the city, vegan or not. Next time you’re out and about in London, check out these incredible spots for street food at some of the city’s best food markets. 

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Young Vegans Pie Shop

Craving something hearty and comforting? When in London, a pie should do the trick. The ones served by Young Vegans Pie Shop at Camden Kerb Market are real winners for the vegan crowd. Here, everything is 100% vegan from the pastry down to the fillings. If you’re looking for a healthy, veggie-packed pie then this won’t be your thing - they’re all totally indulgent and full to the brim with flavourful sauces. Try the vegan steak and ale pie covered in lashings of thick and delicious vegan gravy, or the vegan chicken katsu curry pie for a more tangy flavour. All the pies taste so good it doesn’t matter which one you go for, but whatever you do, make sure you get the gravy on top.

Little Leaf Pizza

When it comes to vegan pizza in London, Little Leaf Pizza is top tier (and most London-based vegans already know it). Head over to their bases in King’s Cross Kerb Market and Greenwich Market for your ‘red’, ‘white’ or ‘green’ pizza in honour of the Italian flag. Once you’ve chosen your tomato, potato or pesto-flavoured base with the matching toppings, load it up yourself with even more tasty additions like sun-dried tomatoes, vegan pepperoni and more. We challenge you to scout out a more colourful selection of pizzas than the one here at Little Leaf Pizza.

Oh My Gulay

A regular to vegan food pop-ups like the Mindful Market and Vegan Nights is London’s first vegan Filipino street food stall which has fast become one of the best in the city. Indulge in their signature dish, Pancit, made up of tangy, stir-fried noodles with seasonal veg and puffed tofu, and get a side of Lumpia (Filipino veggie spring rolls) to go with it. If you’re not feeling noodles this time, get your taste buds on their peanut butter ‘Kare Kare’ with aubergine, pak choi and more delicious fresh veg served Asian-style. There’s a reason this street feast is the favourite of vegan London giants Vegans of LDN for 2019… 

Halo Burger

If you’re not a fan of meaty texture, this burger is probably not for you. But if you’re partial to realistic alternatives to (but definitely NOT real) meat, put this bad boy on your vegan London bucket list. Halo Burger uses Beyond Meat patties to form their vegan masterpieces, with beetroot packed in to create a ‘bleeding’ burger effect. Pop into Pop Brixton for a taste of the action or go east to their spot in Shoreditch to experience London’s most revolutionary vegan burger. Halo is ideal for people in London who are experimenting with eating vegan as, while it’s not made of meat, it will really help to curb the cravings for a real, juicy beef burger you might have. 

Club Mexicana

Got Mexican on your mind? Based in Dinerama (one of London’s coolest street food spots), as well as smack bang in the middle of the city in Covent Garden AND in London’s very first 100% vegan pub, Club Mexicana is one of the best. Think messy burritos, overflowing tacos and fully loaded nachos that are all completely vegan. If you’re on the hunt for the best Mexican street food in London then this place is well up there - vegan or not vegan. Using vegan ‘meat’ as the base of some dishes and the likes of mushroom and tofu for others, there’s something for every Mexican food lover to love.  

What the Pitta

Ever thought you’d find a decent vegan doner? Well here you’ve hit the jackpot as What the Pitta is the only place to go if you’re feeling a dirty and 100% meat and dairy-free doner kebab. What the Pitta is all about ‘good karma kebabs’ so expect platefuls of soya ‘chicken’ and falafels and lashings of creamy hummus and vegan tzatziki. Get your kebab fix in BoxPark Shoreditch and Croyden as well as in their own little shop in Camden Town. There’s no better place for your vegan chicken-topped fries loaded with pickles, sauces and jalapenos.

Ruby’s of London

When it comes to vegan cakes, brownies, donuts, cupcakes and more, it doesn’t get much prettier than Ruby’s of London. Find the patisserie’s beautiful baked goods every Saturday and Sunday back where it all began in Greenwich Market. Whether you’re satisfying your sweet tooth there and then, buying for a birthday or in bulk for a party, Ruby’s award-winning recipes always hit the spot. Think brownie-topped cupcakes, slices of red velvet, matcha-glazed donuts and way more on the stall front. These rich, moist and downright delicious bakes are no doubt London’s best for vegans and gluten-free. 

Horn OK Please

Skipping meat in Indian cuisine is actually pretty easy, and this is proven by just how tasty the vegan (and veggie) options are here at Horn OK Please. Based in Southbank Centre Market, Kerb Market and the most famous food market of them all, Borough Market, this Indian street food stall has made its name amongst the city’s vegans. The must-try vegan item on the menu is their delicious vegan moong daal dosa - an Indian-style lentil crepe stuffed with chickpeas and spices.

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OSU Coconuts

Still on the search for London’s best vegan pancakes? These coconut-flavoured stacks of heaven can be found in Broadway Market, Sclater Street and Brick Lane every week. Get a taste of OSU Coconut’s famously fluffy pancakes, served up by one of the friendliest faces on the street food scene. Go for the Berry Mad or the Apple and Cinnamon and you can be guaranteed that they’re never stingy on the toppings. And now, it’s not just delicious vegan pancakes they can whip up in just a few minutes - expect fresh spelt roti wraps, wild rice boxes and fresh coconuts across London, too. 

Magic Falafel

Hummus, fried aubergine, fresh salad, pickled chilli and, of course, a bunch of perfectly spiced falafels. When it comes to middle eastern street food in London, Camden Market’s Magic Falafel are a winner. This totally vegan eatery dishes up the best falafels in the city alongside all the fresh veg, hummus and pickles you can think of to give it an explosion of Middle Eastern flavour. Opt for their Magic Box or order their stuffed pita bread which they’ll pack with all the good stuff. They’re open 7 days a week in Camden Market to fill you up on London’s tastiest falafels.

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