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  • 15 August 2019
  • • 4 min read

Who doesn’t want to save some money when planning a Euro trip? Backpacking can get pricey, especially when you have to pay extortionate travel and accommodation costs. To help you cut the overall price down of your trip, we’re here to help you backpackers out with a list of some of our favourite money-saving websites that we couldn’t travel without. Once you’ve discovered some of these, you’ll never go back…

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Jack's Flight Club

Using Jacks Flight Club is the best travel hack we can recommend for discovering affordable flights that you never knew existed. All you have to do is sign up with your email address and Jacks Flight Club will start sending you emails with the cheapest flights on the web at that moment in time - including discounts, hidden offers and error fares. Make the most of pricing mistakes, short discounts and spur of the moment deals using this awesome hack. If you’re a travel lover, Jacks Flight Club is a must - you’ll end up booking more spontaneous trips for less!

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Travelling in between cities and countries ain’t cheap. If you are planning on going interrailing then don’t look anywhere other than Interrail. For an affordable and easy-to-use travel pass, the Interrail travel options are incredible. For a longer trip you can choose a Global Pass where you can explore 40,000 destinations and ride on trains in 31 different countries. The price of the Global Pass depends on how long you need it for whether it’s ten days, one month, three months (or however long you want to adventure for). There are also deals each season, for example you can get 10% off all autumn trips.

Interrail allows you to travel by train to some of Europe’s most exciting destinations to smaller, quainter villages that lie off-the-beaten-track - without having to book trains as you go for crazy high prices. If you want to travel around one country you can get a Country pass from €105 and get unlimited train use. While the price tags may seem expensive, it’s so worth it if you consider how long you’re going for and how much you’d save.

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I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Skyscanner before because it’s simply the best flight comparison website out there. Skyscanner scopes the internet to ensure you will book with the cheapest air option available for your trip. What’s not to like? Before booking any flights with an airline, whack your destination and dates into Skyscanner first to make sure you’re not missing out on a cheaper deal. There’s nothing worse than what feels like selling your soul to pay for flights - so don’t spend more than you need to.

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Train Pal

If you’re doing a tour of the UK (and you totally should, there’s so much more to see than just London), then Train Pal is our go-to website to book trains. With Train Pal you can get the best prices on city to city trains throughout England and it’s cheaper than other websites. Travel prices in Britain are super expensive so make sure to book your tickets in advance - that way they’re a lot cheaper than they would be if you booked a week before!

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St Christopher’s Inns

Photo credit of St Christopher's Inns Paris: @ashleyvailxoxo

When it comes to booking affordable travel accommodation in Europe, hostels are your best bet. Not only will you get a cheap bed for your trip, but you’ll also benefit from the sociable backpacker atmosphere, the hostel parties and group events plus discounts on food and drink. Hostels of today are modern, swanky and really fun so don’t miss out on the new wave hostel experience. The St Christopher’s Inns website allows you to find a cheap bed in cool hostels across Europe’s greatest cities. From Barcelona, Berlin, London and Paris to Amsterdam and Interlaken, you’re spoilt for choice on where to go next. And a bed could cost as cheap as €30. Or if you fancy some more privacy, the great thing about St Christopher’s is that it has private rooms which are totally affordable (and way cheaper than staying in a hotel).

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