20 Biggest Pet Peeves When Travelling

Travellers fill us in on their biggest pet peeves whilst backpacking...

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  • 14 August 2017
  • • 3 min read

Everyone has things that they hate...Even when travelling! Those little annoyances that get under our skin and we just can’t ignore them no matter how hard we try. But what are yours? We asked our Facebook community to share some of their biggest pet peeves when travelling and here are some of the best comments we received...

Shauna Mogan

Planning your laundry day at a hostel and there’s only one washer and dryer and three people are waiting ahead of you to use them

Rachael-Amber Caldwell

Snoring, can’t stand the snoring...

Darryl Kure

People standing on the walking lane on moving walkways

PL Owens

Loud, presumably drunk people, at 2am who also presumably eat your leftover pizza you planned for breakfast. Lol, I’m not bitter!

Jamie Mckechnie

Sand. Everywhere. In your bunk, in your socks, even in your toothbrush. I love a beach but I just can’t have sand in my life.

In your toothbrush Jamie? That can’t be good...

Carlos Maertens

People who walk and text on crowded streets or people who just abruptly stop without any regards to the foot traffic behind them

Shereen Sagoo

Waiting in long queues in the heat has got to be the worst

Racheal Horvat

Rude people.. Take a chill pill… Relax and enjoy... You’re on vacay!

Anna Pierce

I hate when you’re in a public restroom with tons of open stalls and the person chooses the stall next to me.. WHY???

Serena Grimaldi

Know it all travellers!.. Been there, done that, got the effin t-shirt.. And have nearly all studied at the “University of life” or “The school of hard knocks

Carl Dehne

My biggest peeve? I love travelling by train in Europe but getting into a city late at night because of train delays is the worst.

We’ve all been stuck in delays at least once.. We feel your pain Carl!

Chelsea Glaister

Moaners and complainers. Go with the flow, embrace and enjoy it!

Hannah Linnea Mandala

Being stuck with crying children on the plane

Clement Zoubiri

When you finally arrive to your destination but your suitcase is still travelling

Sully McBeitia

People who want to spend 90% of their time drinking and sleeping instead of exploring

Kirsten Torres-Edens

When people see you struggling and don’t offer a lending hand. Like, hey dude, we’re all in this together! Normally fellow travellers are very nice and I love seeing the humanity in all people. But, one time I was struggling to get my luggage on a train, with a toddler attached to my hip. It’s like, have a heart man!

Marissa Dara-Gasnier

My biggest pet peeve whilst travelling (or at anytime really, but most painfully during travels) is when someone just completely chats your ear off, non-stop! Not even to breath for a bit in between sentences! And to top it all off.. Their breath is kicking!

Steamer Vongina

When people plan their trip too much! Why can’t we just wing it? Far more interesting that way!

Luke Milan Burton

Waiting to get a shower always sucks. Especially if you’ve just come off a 27 hour flight and stink like a backstreet brothel in Beijing! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Ryan Mac Ocda

Not wanting to leave a class hostel like yours at the end of the trip

We know it sucks Ryan.. But you can always come back!

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