13 Empowering Female Travel Bloggers You Should Follow On Instagram

Thinking about heading out on a trip but need some inspiration? Follow these amazing female solo travellers...

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  • 15 February 2023
  • • 9 min read

Female travel Instagrammers have taken the blogging world by storm. Their passion for wanderlust and creating incredible content around the topic of travel is all the inspiration we need to book a one-way flight and explore somewhere new. Solo female travel bloggers are some of the best travel accounts to follow on Instagram as they show a side to travel that we at St Christopher’s think every woman should experience.

Travelling as a woman, be it alone or with a friend, can look a little daunting, intimidating and even scary when you’ve never done it before. But just scroll down these globetrotting girls’ feeds and you’ll see that it’s unbelievably exciting, extremely rewarding and downright incredible.

In no particular order check out our favourite female travel bloggers on Instagram. Just be prepared to get major travel envy…

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Absolutely Lucy

Lucy’s travel checklist is absolute goals. The solo travel enthusiast has ticked off some of the most beautiful places on earth from the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka to the enchanting medieval cities of Europe. The England-born blogger’s Instagram feed is one of the most vibrant pages on Instagram, making a quick scroll turn into a full discovery of all her solo adventures. From handy road trip itineraries to tips on getting over travel blues, Absolutely Lucy’s blog is also one to keep your eye on.

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Roxana is a part of our community of INNsiders, so she knows a thing or two about solo travelling! Having started out her career as a lawyer, Rox swapped 9-5s to be a full-time digital nomad, and shares so much helpful content for both first-time and seasoned solo travellers. If you want a travel blogger who shares the reality of travelling along with some aspirational goals - Roxana's your girl!

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Hey Ciara

Providing all the inspiration you need to get out and travel solo, as well as producing some incredible travel photography, Houston girl Ciara quit her 9-5 to leap out of her comfort zone and into the world of solo travel. All it took for Ciara to fall in love with travel at the age of 20 (and during her first ever international trip) was a college study abroad program in Panama. Now she has a whole host of countries under her belt as well as a travel blog that's full of useful tips and open and honest accounts of the harder days that inevitably come with travelling solo. Be sure to follow Ciara's blog and Insta account for beautiful photos from South America, Europe, her home country and beyond.

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Where Goes Rose

This solo female traveller on a budget is Rose who has been wandering the world full-time from the UK. Where Goes Rose is the travel account to follow for colour-popping photography from all corners of the world, and handy tips in all the incredible places she's ticked off her bucket list so far (that’s 58 countries and counting). Follow her account for colourful architecture, street art and views to die for while learning a thing or two about what it’s like to travel the world solo as a female. Rose has been travelling solo since 2017 when she flew to southeast Asia, and she’s never looked back. She’s lived in cities all over the world since then, expelling all the myths about travelling alone that those who have never done it before believe to be true. Follow Where Goes Rose on Instagram and check out her blog for city guides and first hand travel advice.

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Be My Travel Muse

Since beginning her worldwide travels back in 2012, Kristin from Be My Travel Muse is the perfect advocate of offbeat travel. The Southern Californian nomad believes far more in discovering the native ways of life, preferring to tag along with a local for an evening of stories than with a tour group to party in a bar. Not only has she travelled solo through many of the world’s much lesser explored countries, but she’s also hitchhiked solo across China and even become a Buddhist nun for 10 whole days, documenting it all in  her blog . For the more independent women amongst you looking for once in a lifetime experiences, follow Kristin for some truly empowering stories.

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Ashlee Major Moss

Ashlee’s Instagram is hands down one of the most travel envy-inducing feeds on this list. Scroll through her perfectly captured and beautifully edited images and you’ll find yourself wishing you are wherever she is. Ashlee is a super skilled photographer and videographer - all self-taught - and after all the love she received on her photos she now designs and sells her own editing preset collections, making it pretty easy for her followers to recreate jaw-dropping images like hers. Ashlee is the ultimate advocate for following your dreams and booking a flight to that far away place that you’ve always lusted over. We just love how she hits the perfect balance of travelling in style while recommending hostels to her followers travelling solo (the best way to backpack, of course). If you’re ready to be majorly travel jealous, get following Ashlee now. 

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Finding Alexx

In 2019, Alexx embarked on an epic adventure, spending a year visiting a new country every single week totally based on the cheapest flight available each Tuesday. Unfortunately for this solo travelling blogger and Instagrammer, she only managed 9 months before having to head back to her home country, New Zealand, due to the pandemic. However that’s not stopped her posting inspiring travel images in the lead up to her return into the world! Finding Alexx is the ideal account for showcasing how you don’t need all the money and time off work to be able to create unforgettable adventures. Having got her first taste of solo travel at the age of 19, she’s now 41 countries down, so this girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to giving great solo travel advice. Follow Finding Alexx on Instagram and check out her travel blog for her stories from all over the world.

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One Girl One World

Francesca from One Girl One World is a California-based travel influencer with one of the most down to earth personalities on Instagram. When she's out of California and exploring the world you’ll see her posting tons of beautiful, bright photos from her trips, complete with long, honest captions promoting her tips on self love. Otherwise, her obsession with skincare is super informative while also making you want to go out and give your skin some self loving, too. We love Francesca’s account for her huge smile and wonderful words, so you should be glad to hear that she has a travel blog alongside her Instagram. Visit her blog to read all about her solo travel tips including her first solo travel experience in London.

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Where's Mollie

Where’s Mollie has been one of our favourites since way back. She’s the ultimate empowering female traveller with photos to die for. Mollie has even set up her own Where’s Mollie Global Travellers tour group, for other inspired travellers to meet and see the world how she would. Plus she’s so obsessed with being on the road that she’s currently in the process of renovating a VW high top and we can’t wait to see the outcome! From touring eastern Australia’s Fraser Island with the Global Travellers to rowing across Canada’s Lake Louise, the unreal views and fun she has getting them is the ultimate travel inspo.

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Naomi has loved travel since she was a baby (literally!) and is another of our amazing community of INNsiders. She helps her followers travel more safely and more affordably, giving you all of the information you need to plan your next trip. Having travelled solo across Europe she's an expert backpacker, and loves discovering real places beyond the tourist districts. She even has her own website where you can get in touch with Naomi herself to plan your solo adventure!

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Emily Luxton

Getting to know different parts of the world more deeply than popping into the main tourist hotspots is what Emily Luxton is all about. Simply skimming the surface of countries is a concept that doesn’t go with Emily’s travel philosophy. We love Emily’s solo female travel account for bringing more to the table than just the obvious, as she delves into every country she visits through connecting with locals, eating with them and gaining real cultural experiences by joining them where possible. As Travel Blogger of the Year (not once but four times!), she’s definitely one of our first ports of call for amazing travel ideas.

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Sophie Spencer

Her photos are gorgeous, she writes like a true creative and her positive outlook on life and solo female travel is addictive. But it’s Soph’s refreshingly honest way in which she speaks of her travels that we think makes her such an empowering female to follow. Soph’s insanely colourful Instagram feed is packed with beautiful Australian sunsets and turquoise seas, but her cityscape photography is also on another level. You could easily get lost scrolling down her account, and there’s no doubt she’ll sell you on taking some time to live the solo nomad life.

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Caz is a true explorer, sharing adventure travel, hiking, plant-based food & unique experiences with her followers. Combining beautiful photography with practical tips and tricks for wherever she is in the world, she's a must-follow if you've got a solo trip booked in. You can also check out more from Caz and her husband Simon on their website full of travel blogs and useful info.

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Lead image credit: Lucy Ruthnam ( Absolutely Lucy)

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