A Festival Survival Guide for 2017

Here’s how to handle festivals like a boss…

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  • 10 May 2017
  • • 5 min read


The summer wouldn’t be complete without having some seriously good times at a festival with your mates – but make sure yours is one to remember for all the right reasons! This year, instead of running the gauntlet of wet feet, smeared eye make-up, and stinky loos; read our must-have Festival Survival Guide for packing those little essentials that transform your festival from a muddy hell to pure hedonism!

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1 Waterproof Poncho

If you’re going to a festival in the UK: it’s going to rain. Let’s not dampen the vibe and leave it there... (you can thank us later!)

2 Leave Your Hat On

The humble hat is vital to getting “ahead” at festivals. Not only will you be ready to fend off lashings of fun-destroying rain, but it really does a pretty useful job in the sunshine too! You’ll be thankful you have one when you’re sitting under a bright sun beating down on your hung-over head; and let’s face it, who doesn’t look good in a hat? A hat is the ultimate festival prop; and very useful when your mates are trying to find you at the bar. Be whacky, be trendy, or simply just look very cool!

3 Big Sunglasses 

Yes sunglasses are useful when it’s sunny; but also for hangovers, hiding from people you don’t want to see the next day, dodgy eye make-up, protecting your delicate eyes from bright flashing eyes… and when you see your Instagram feed later; you will wish you were wearing a pair. Don’t leave home without them!

4 Boots ‘n’ all

We all fantasise about days spent hanging out in the glorious sunshine with our friends, (and not just working in the office), but there is always that unwelcome prospect of rain on the festival radar. If you’re packing for serious fun then don’t let the odd downpour cramp your style. Why not keep those toes dry and rock your summer skimpy shorts in a pair of boots?  After all; it isn’t just Kate Moss who looks good in a pair of wellies, and that includes you boys! Boots are a great way of dancing til’ dawn while still being able to face a visit to the damp toilets, or just taking the muddy walk back to your tent.

5 Wipe Away

Woken up with glow paint on your face? While festivals are quite honestly the best fun you can possibly have, there is a time and place for common sense. Pack some wet wipes that can provide you with a lift in the morning after a heavy night, without having to queue for the all too popular showers. They remove all dirt like a miracle, and you’ll be so grateful for them when the loo roll runs out- stay fresh and fragrant with these handy and small little life savers!

6 A Protective Friend

There can be few less deflating experiences than having that amazing moment of festival passion frustrated with the prospect of becoming parents, with a newly met prince or princess charming. Get practical and pack “something for the weekend;” or condoms as we call them these days. Make sure your festival climax isn’t simply the great music! 

7 Battery Power

If you can’t live without Instagram then you won’t want the all-encompassing horror of your phone battery dying on you. What you need is a portable phone charger to make sure you’re not left staring at a blank screen. It’s also very useful for, you know, calling people. And saves you packing a flashlight to find your way home. You might even want to call your mum and tell her you’re having a lovely time!

8 Sound it out

We all love pumping music, but it doesn’t always feel amazing at 8am after an hour of sleep. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and pack earplugs and an eye mask to block out those sweaty morning rays of sun and booming bass. Why not buy yourself that amazing morning sleep that can fuel you until your favourite DJ plays his or her next set? You might need them if you get stuck next to a speaker too…

9 Sleep well, Pack light

Sleeping bags are bulky and take up a hell of  a load of space. The solution? A sleeping bag liner. Just slide yourself in et voila, you can sleep anywhere with one of these in your armoury (without carrying the monster weight of a proper sleeping bag). Lightweight and extremely packable!

10 Ease the Pain

And last but not least, a packet of pain killers goes a long way to making sure that you are able to get out of your tent and up on your feet for the next day of fun. A quick paracetamol might be just what the doctor ordered to get to back into full partying mode, and ready for the next big band. Trust us, it’s an essential part of the Festival Survival Kit!

If you pack these party pleasers then you will be able to take on any festival and make it yours!

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