36 First Hostel Experiences Uncovered

Backpackers sum up their first ever hostel experience...

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  • 05 June 2017
  • • 3 min read

Want to know what it’s like staying in a hostel? We asked our Facebook readers to reminisce on their first ever hostel experience and we received a fantastic response...Hilarious moments, memories, shocks, surprises, friends and fun - that’s why hostels are the best and why backpackers always return!

Katarina Da Silva

St Christopher Inns London :D and I guarantee you it changed my whole perspective about hostels.

Katarina saluting her way through London!

Robyn Tanya

Dublin. Couldn't figure out how to open the door (key attached to a brick) so one of the girls inside opened it. She had nothing on. None of the girls were wearing clothes. I'm sure if I was a dude I'd be a lot more interested, but I was a little more in shock.

Robyn in London!

Moll Doll

It was with St Christopher’s in Amsterdam. The lovely bar man brought ketchup to my room so I could have it with my chips because I was sick!! Hospitality at its finest. And I have been back every year since!

Fahmi Dhahri

My first hostel experience with St Christopher's Inns (Paris - Gare du Nord) and it was really fantastic and has changed my opinion about hostels, it's really my best hostel ever till now.

Manuel Lotfollahi

Stockholm. I slept inside a cell. The hostel was an ex prison, now part hostel part museum. Near the cells were mannequins of prisoners. Creepy but a good experience.

Shauna Mogan

Barcelona: Some guy wandered in the room in the middle of the night and decided to pull all the lockers down to the ground and drag them over to the door. The effort he put into this woke me up and I seriously thought he was dragging a dead body across the floor.

Shauna backpacking in Newgrange, Ireland (one her favourite places to visit).

Rachael Amber-Caldwell

Fun, exciting, everyone snores! (Coming back to dorm drunk to find a snoring woman on your bed) its all about the experience

Mark O’ Shea

Stayed in the Edinburgh one. Very nice place. Was there on my own and was a good place to meet fellow solo travellers. Would highly recommend it.

Natalie Jade Dudding

Absolutely unforgettable in a good way, met some amazing people as well as said goodbye to my best Friend in the best way possible when she moved to South Africa

Allie Whelan

I got locked in a bathroom for an hour!

Miranda Maz

Scary at first, then exciting, great new friends, new card games learnt! At st Christopher's inns Amsterdam x 4 words - scary, exciting, friends, games!


Arjon te Raa

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat

Taylor Direen

Magic mushrooms are antisocial

Taylor went camel riding in Morocco!

Chloe Peacock

Fun, sociable, nudity, snoring

Victor Vazquez

Fearful but incredible experience.

Colin Mccomb

Comfortable rooms, great hospitality.

Martin Thorn

"Where do we undress"? It was my first time in a mixed sex dorm.

Cody Pollack

There was free tequila.

Joe Moulton

Groped by a Frenchman

Beth Johnson

Drink, Drank, Drunk, TEQUILA!

Bryan Vallente

What the living fuck?!

Bryan overlooking the outstanding, vast Grand Canyon

Serena Grimaldi

Farts, snores, laughs, friends.

Nathalie Filarski

Anxious. Fun. Enlightening. Cheerful.

Chiara Svi

Love friendship sharing meeting

Chiara clubbing in Barcelona at Pasha.

Sam Imray

Exciting, clean, comfy, relaxing

Kevin Pauletti

Drinks, friends, memories, adventures.

Jake Myerscough

Pulled pork Belushi's burger

Jake in LANDAN - right beside the Houses of Parliament.

Anna Ageenkova

Surprisingly not that scary.

Shauna Watters

Eventful, hilarious, ridiculous and banter

Ciaran Magee

'really really really fuzzy' - Amsterdam

Cill du Chatinier

Jagerbombs - unforgettable - Life changing - insane

Cill taking a dip in Queensland, Australia

Rachel Bonello

cross-cultural, eye-opening, convenient, rowdy!

Will Taylor

Blurred, magnificent, emotional + unforgettable

Kirsty McGovern

Better than I'd expected

Tom Noom

"What the f*ck happened?!"

Ilario Dal Maso

Words just can’t describe

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