8 Best YouTube Guides for Travelling Paris

These Youtubers have all the insider information you need

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  • 08 March 2018
  • • 4 min read

Whether you’re looking to venture off the beaten Parisian track, or you’re a bit nervous about navigating the French metro, YouTube’s travel vloggers have all the tips. We’ve gathered the best Paris video guides that deliver on every bit of info you might want or need so you can really make the most of your trip to the dreamy French capital. These guys have all the inside knowledge on food, culture and quick trips to Paris, so sit back, watch and take note...


Canadian YouTuber Christian LeBlanc from ‘Lost LeBlanc’ travels all over the world making incredible YouTube videos with his girlfriend Laura. His top 10 things to do in Paris include all the tourist sights you can’t miss on a first trip to the French capital. Not only are they great tips, but the footage he’s shot of the city are mesmerising! You’ll definitely want to watch this one to the end.

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We love Jay Swanson’s videos - they’re funny, informative and they’re ALL about Paris! This one we found particularly useful as it’s a guide to using the Paris metro. The prospect of using public transport in an unfamiliar, foreign speaking city can be very daunting for some people. Jay’s ‘How to Use the Paris Metro’ will put your mind at ease once you see just how easily he gets around.

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Jay does a whole bunch of ‘how to’ videos based around Paris on his YouTube channel, but we thought this one was super handy. Having lived in the city for a number of years, he knows his way around a French patisserie and has all the inside knowledge on what to order and in the local language, too. Check this video out for useful tips on what and how to get delicious coffee and heavenly pastries in a local, Parisian patisserie.

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American couple and avid travel vloggers Eric and Allison from The Endless Adventure travel the world vlogging and testing out the local delicacies. In this video they try 5 of the must eat places in Paris. Their vlog is super casual yet full of great foodie tips that you’ll be dying to visit next time you’re in the capital. Check out the crêpe they order, it’s enormous!

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Another brilliant foodie’s YouTube guide to Paris, and in this one everything costs less than €1,50…YouTuber LivingBobby resided in Paris for a year, so he knows where the cheap eats are hiding. From bargain boulangerie buys to huge gourmet pizza slices for €1, not only could you feast until you burst but it all tastes incredible, too - just watch Bobby’s facial expressions to know he’s not lying.

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Louis Cole from Fun For Louis is a hugely popular travel vlogger from the UK. His ‘One Day in Paris’ vlog starts in London and ends in London with a whole load of Paris in between! See what he gets up to with just 16 hours to spend exploring the French capital. Perfect for Brits who are planning a spontaneous one day trip to the Parisian city, travelling from London on the Eurostar.

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Melanie Mellinger is an American travel vlogger. While she has a smaller audience compared to the others, her great must-know travel tips for visiting Paris are easily worthy of a spot on this list. From planning your trip wisely to the best photo spots in the city, Melanie’s video is the one to watch before embarking on your trip. She definitely deserves more views for this handy video guide!

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Mathieu Stern is a French photographer whose YouTube channel consists of a lot of handy tips for those keen with cameras, however this video is based all around beautiful images of Paris’ hidden gems. Mathieu’s ‘Top 10 Most Secret Places in Paris’ videography will have you captivated until the end and will leave you with yet more places to add to your Paris bucket list that you’ve probably never even heard of.

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