25 Guilty Travel Pleasures Exposed

Can you relate to any of these?

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  • 27 August 2017
  • • 3 min read


We all have things we enjoy doing on our travels that we would rather keep under the radar. Things that make our vacation that little bit more amusing and memorable. From blowing money at duty free to trying to queue jump, see if you can relate to any of these guilty travel pleasures...

Mai Lissa

When I’m in the shower I like to sing as loud as I can. I did this once when I thought I was by myself in a hostel… there was a French girl in the shower stall next to me (I thought I was alone) and when I was singing ‘Let It Go’ she started chiming in.

Andrew Wilson

Arriving super late - closed - check in - and then sleeping in a hallway/corner somewhere -- all part of the experience.

Anna Pierce

Going to Barcelona and eating my way from tapas bar to tapas bar.

Amanda Sharon

Drinking like it’s a Saturday when it’s actually only a Tuesday

Alfredo Goncalves

Finding any way to skip the queue

Ivan Colnat

Jagerbombing at Belushi's

Pierce Parker

Eating two large burritos at one sitting

Mark Schulze

Taking pictures of doppelgangers unbeknownst to them

Chris Harries

Going to an airport lounge for the free booze. On more than one occasion I have booked an airport lounge and arrived to the airport 3 hours before for the free booze. That’s right, arrived at the airport 3 hours early for a 45 minute flight…

Irving Vizuet Aguilar

I need to taste a hamburger from each place I visit, and I have a photo album of each hamburger I have ever tasted. And I’m proud of it

Fiorella Matos Guerra

Staying in a private room with an ensuite that works...when really I can only afford a bed in a mixed dorm, but you gotta treat yourself sometimes

Siobhan Isa

Ploughing through a post pub poutine (& alliteration)

Michiel Luchies

Flirting with the barmaid

Becky Bolton

A greasy burger when you haven’t had western food in months.

Kina van Haastregt

To buy a shotglass from each country I have been to! Which means that I’m still missing a lot!

Julie Bi

Lots of cocktails, eating good burgers at Belushi’s, long showers and going to bed way too late and getting up as the last one in your dorm room every day.

Sandra Eva

Free internet search everywhere

Collin Erens

Coming home really early in the morning after a night out and go full on mission impossible (including quietly singing the theme song) to get in my bunk because i don’t wanna wake up my roommates. I just love doing that every time I’m in a hostel

Katie Gillespie

Taking all the silly selfies… Eating all the treats… Drinking all the booze… Just enjoying and appreciating every minute of being on vacation

Mairead Cronin

Red wine and my book.

Molly Bish

Buying a tourist guide and telling myself to plan where and what to visit, yet ending up completely winging it.

Shereen Sagoo

Stealing the slippers, shampoos, conditioners and shower gels from the hotel

Ellie Roberts

Spending all my money on souvenirs or in duty free

Katie Nichols

Buying about 5 magazines at the airport but not actually reading them once the whole trip

Darrell Biggs

Stealing batteries from the hostel or hotel remote controls

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