How to do Berlin on Less Than €30 a day

Your guide to being money-savvy in Berlin

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  • 18 September 2018
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Planning to go to Berlin but want to do it on the cheap? If you make the most of the countless free sights and things to do, cheap beer shops (or Spätis) and low-cost yet delicious eateries, Berlin can easily be done with just €30 in your pocket. Stick to an itinerary like this one and you’ll even have money leftover for a drink or two in the evening! Here’s how to do Berlin on €30 a day.

Bare in mind that this roundup doesn’t include your accommodation. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, beds at St Christopher’s Inns hostel in Berlin start at just €37.80 and you’re right in the heart of the central Mitte district.


On a budget? Don’t skip the free hostel breakfast. Usually they’re all you can eat, so stock up your stomach on free bread, ham, cheese, fruit, cereal and juice so you don’t get starving before your day has even started!

At St Christopher’s hostel in Berlin, we serve up breakfast until 10am so there’s not too much rush to get out of bed - just make sure you get there with enough time to eat up.


Transport in Berlin is easy, reliable and actually pretty affordable. But we’re on a tight budget here, so we’ve allowed two regular journeys on the U-Bahn or S-Bahn trains for the day. A single fare ticket (an Einzelfahrschein) allows for a 2-hour journey through the city and through zones AB this will cost €2.80. On €30 a day we reckon you can afford a couple of these.

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The amount of free things to do in Berlin is incredible. You could spend days and days exploring the different districts, sights and parks, while feeling like you’re really making the most of the city without even denting the wallet. A few freebie highlights include:


The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most iconic monuments. The majestic, classical arch and white pillars form the neoclassical structure that once signified the divide between East and West Berlin. Now, the Brandenburg Gate symbolizes the unity and peace of Germany.


The last remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall, now known worldwide as the East Side Gallery, is one of the city’s most prominent reminders of freedom. It’s also undoubtedly the city’s best example of Berlin’s unbelievable street art. Take a walk along the East Side Gallery to marvel at the bold and creative artwork and appreciate the historical importance of it all.


This is probably the most important sight you will see in Berlin, commemorating the Holocaust’s millions of murdered Jews. There is no fee to see it, and it’s an absolute must. Made up of 2,711 concrete blocks of different heights and standing in rows, the simplicity and minimalist style of this piece is a moving tribute to those who suffered during the Nazi regime.


Chill out amongst the flowers in Berlin’s beautiful Charlottenburg Palace Gardens. Stroll around, lounge on the grass or read a book on the green of the city’s most majestic stately home.

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The Sandemans Free Walking Tours of Berlin are one of the best ways to see the city AND tick off loads of the main free sights. If you’re staying at St Christopher’s Berlin hostel, you can book onto a tour at reception. The tour runs daily, lasts for 2 and a half hours and guides you to sights like the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie and Pariser Platz. Just be sure to give your guide a tip at the end!

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Berlin’s  Jewish Museum  takes you back to what Jewish people in Germany had to endure during the Nazi regime. Filled with incredible artefacts and unbelievable tales from the Holocaust, visit this museum to delve into Germany’s horrific past. It costs €8 for a standard adult ticket, however students can get in for €3. It’s definitely worth digging out from your daily budget to visit this museum.

The  Topography of Terror  is another of Berlin’s fascinating museums based on a jaw-dropping part of the Holocaust’s history, but this one is free. It is housed in the former SS headquarters building (the Secret State police from the time of the Nazi regime). This museum documents the terror enforced by the Secret Service and explores the Nazi’s rise to power. Part of the museum is actually located in the former Gestapo torture cells.

LUNCH, €3.60-5.20


Time for some lunch and what’s a trip to the German capital without a plate of the country’s speciality? Curry 36 is where you can get some of the tastiest currywurst in Berlin. Either opt for currywurst with a roll for €3.60 of your budget, or currywurst with fries for €5.20. It’s the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up whilst being mega cheap, too.


Don’t fancy spicy sausage for lunch? Hamy Cafe is said to serve up Berlin’s best Vietnamese pho soup and it’s seriously cheap. For just €5, you can get an enormous bowl of delicious Vietnamese soup noodles meaning you definitely won’t get hungry before dinner.


Head up to the man made hill and former US listening station from the Cold War, Teufelsberg, for awesome views over Berlin and some insane photo opportunities. See the city skyline over the green of Grunewald forest as well as some epic graffiti plastered all over the top of the site. It’s seriously cool and completely free!


For one of Berlin’s tastiest yet cheapest meals, it’s Burgermeister every time. €7.20 for a cheeseburger and fries is an absolute bargain, and when it’s as jam-packed and juicy as this one, you won’t be disappointed. Fast food at high quality is what Burgermeister is known for - definitely not the place for fancy diners but certainly where to go if you’ve got burgers on your mind.

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Pop into the local Späti (late night beer shops that are ALL over Berlin) and buy a few beers to enjoy in one of the city’s many green spaces. Tiergarten, Viktoriapark, Mauerpark... all are chilled out spaces perfect for sprawling out with a beer and some friends. Prices of beer start at 70 cents from a Späti (this is the cheap and nasty stuff but we’re not that fussy, right?), or spend €2 for a better quality beer that will taste a fair bit better. It’s the perfect way to round off a day in Berlin while spending next to nothing!


You might have a few euro spare in your €30 budget by the end of your day, so head back to the hostel and splash out the rest on a drink or two at the bar - no doubt the cheapest place to get beers in the city. At Belushi’s, St Christopher’s own hostel bar, you can get awesome deals on drinks during the daily Happy Hour from 5-9pm, like 2 for 1 Carlsberg, rum, gin and vodkas - you won’t find many better deals in Berlin than this!

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