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Meet Mi, a travel influencer from Brazil with a passion for European adventures. Check out our Innsider interview with her…

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  • 08 September 2021
  • • 4 min read

With a passion for travelling the world and a particular love for charming European cities, we met Brazilian travel influencer, Mi, when she first stayed at our hostel in Berlin in 2019. Now, she’s moving to the German capital to study her master’s degree in Digital Marketing, staying for 18 months to work and explore more of Europe. Mi also stayed with us in Prague, Paris and Edinburgh (the city she says she can visit over and over again) vlogging her trips on her Youtube channel and taking incredible photos for her Instagram account .

From her dream destination to her tips for meeting new people on the road, read on to find out more about Mi and her adventures through our Innsider interview with her...

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What is your dream destination?

I'm that kind of a girl that wants to visit the whole world, but at the moment I have this dream of visiting Copenhagen to see all the colourful houses and have a drink by the docks.

What is an essential item you never go travelling without?

Am I allowed to just list one item? O-M-G! I would definitely say my phone (with internet), but also a portable charger, hand sanitiser, and headphones.

Best meal you’ve ever had on vacation?

As a vegan traveller, my trips can go one of two ways: first one, the destination has so many vegan options that I don’t get to try them all or second, that there's nothing vegan on offer and I have to content myself with only french fries and salad. A place that I love is Berlin because it is full of great options and the best donut in the world from Brammibals Donuts.

Best St Christopher’s memory/experience?

Getting to know a lot of people at the Berlin Alexanderplatz Hostel and its Belushi's bar. If you like solo trips but also want to make some friends just go to the bar, get a beer and things will start to happen. There's always someone in the same boat as you that wants to connect and make friendships! 

What’s your funniest travel story?

I have many of them but one one my favourites is the story of me and my friend walking 30 minutes barefoot in Prague at night after 22km of walking the whole day exploring the city. At that point we’d just had some beers and were so tired that we just looked at each other and said at the same time: you know what? Let's take off our shoes and head back to the hostel in bare feet! People passing by us were staring at our feet walking on socks on the sidewalk. Of course, we had to throw our socks away when we got to the hostel.

What’s the best way to meet people when travelling?

Definitely by opening your mind and heart to accept the differences, and also allow yourself to try to be the first to contact others. Is very common that we just wait for someone else to approach and start a conversation, but why don't we do the same? At the hostel it is even easier to create these connections throughout the shared spaces and bar.

What’s the best way to remember a trip?

I believe the best way to remember a trip is really enjoying it, living the present moment, and appreciating each minute. These crazy days we're all living in have shown us how important it is to live every day as if it was the last. But of course, I think that taking photos is a lovely way to show later to your friends and family back home how your experience was and what you did. I also love to create travel vlogs to post on my channel, not just because is my full-time job, but also because I always found myself rewatching them and it feels so good to have all this material created to remember the good times.

What city will you always happily go back to, and why? 

Edinburgh! I just love the good vibes of the city, everything feels so magical and pure. I'm a huge fan of Scotland and I loved my experiences there.

What’s your best piece of travel advice?

Allow yourself to live and learn with others, to enjoy every little thing, and to discover more about yourself through other cultures, beliefs and ways of living.

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