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Check out our Innsider interview with Toti & Alessia, the faces behind award-winning travel blog Italian Trip Abroad.

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  • 15 July 2021
  • • 4 min read

Get to know the travel experts behind the award-winning travel blog, Italian Trip Abroad . Toti and Alessia are an Italian couple living in London, writing about and filming all of their adventures whether it’s the other side of the world or just down the road. Head to their Instagram page for beautiful travel photography and free inside tips on each of the incredible places they visit, from London’s Hampton Court Palace to the hills of Sri Lanka. Planning a trip? Visit their blog for all the inspiration you need to pull together an itinerary, or even choose your destination if you’re starting from scratch. The couple ensure that they encourage their followers to be mindful of the planet as they explore, promoting sustainability as they travel.

We interviewed St Christopher’s Innsiders Toti and Alessia to get to know the travel blogging couple a little more, and ask what their expert advice would be for newcomers to the travel sphere. Read on to find out more...

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What is your dream destination?

New York is definitely on the bucket list for both of us. However there are several other locations that we love to travel to anytime soon, many of which are in Southeast Asia.

What is an essential item you never go travelling without? 

Definitely our cameras, we love to take photos for our memories. They’re like our personalised postcards.

Best meal you’ve ever had on vacation? 

There are many dishes we loved while travelling. In particular we are in love with Spanish food, and if we had to pick just one, it would be croquetas de Jamon, delicious.

Best St Christopher’s memory/experience? 

Being in a hostel dorm as a couple for the first time, scary at first, fun while there, memorable after.

What's your funniest travel story? 

We were in Brussels for the first time, travelling into Charleroi, and flying out to London from the International Airport. We only realised that we were in the wrong airport about 1 hour before our flight and started a long run to catch the flight which, by the way, was delayed. Lucky for us, we made it, running from one side to another of the Belgium Capital. Was hard, but it's a great funny story that always comes up when talking with friends.

What’s the best way to meet people when travelling? 

Hey, do you want to be my friend? Jokes apart, we found that food lets you become friends easily. So while eating at a local restaurant or having breakfast in the hostel, it's great to talk with people, get tips about places to visit, other restaurants to eat at, and other travellers' stories.

How best to remember a trip? 

We love to make videos and recently we have started our own YouTube channel . This also helps our families to understand where we are, where we are going, how much fun we had. Journalling is another part of this process, we document everything through videos, photos and words on our website.

What city will you always happily go back to, and why? 

Malaga. We lived our dream summer there in 2019 for nearly 6 months and since then have visited about 5 more times. Malaga has part of our heart and will always be the one!

Your best piece of travel advice? 

Be respectful of the world. We have to discover the world but we have to understand that our ecosystem is so fragile and we have to be mindful of every aspect, even the minimal impacts can create huge problems in the future.

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