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St Christopher’s Innsiders | Meet Yilver

Read our Innsider interview with Colombian backpacker, Yilver.

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  • 11 November 2021
  • • 6 min read

Paris is a European destination that people across the world dream about. To see the Eiffel Tower sparkling throughout the night, eat croissants in a Parisian cafe and climb the near-endless steps to the majestic Sacre Coeur - the City of Light is a place you’ll never forget. 

Yilver Diaz is one of our wonderful St Christopher’s Innsiders. He stayed with us in our during his trip to Paris with three friends, reaching out to tell us more about his stay. 

Read Yilver’s Innsider interview with us to find out more about his first time in Paris, gaining some travel inspiration along the way. Colombia will almost certainly be added to your travel bucket list in a few moments time… 

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What is your dream destination?

Colombia is incredible, I really want to get to know my whole country, you can find beautiful beaches like Santa Marta and La Guajira, not to mention the beaches of San Andres which are among the most beautiful in the world, and with a 40-minute plane ride, you can be in the Andes mountain range visiting a snowy volcano or seeing the river of the 7 colours in the plains or the incredible and immense jungle of the Amazon with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

It is my dream to be able to travel all over Colombia by bicycle and I hope to be able to do it in the following years, here we have 2 oceans, the Pacific where we can go whale watching and the Atlantic where it is possible to visit the most northern tip of all South America, not to mention the incredible beaches that we have in both oceans, that today is my dream destination to travel every corner of my country.

Who do you usually like to travel with?

That depends, my trip around Europe was with 3 other friends, many times I have travelled alone and it has been great on the way I have met amazing people, like when I was in La Guajira, Colombia, I met 2 people there and now we are very good friends. In fact we often go out to eat and drink something, it is a great way to make friends, that is why I always choose a hostel for my stays, you can share with people from all over the world and make many new friends.

Other trips have been with family that we enjoy a lot but the plans are different, hahaha, in them we don't party until dawn, but we do share very nice moments with family.

I think travel can be enjoyed in different ways with different people and we can always have fun.

What is the essential item you never travel without?

It should be my glasses but I damaged them before my trip to Europe! Apart from that I like to always carry my power bank, I love photography and the camera on my phone is great with it I take all my photos and videos, I love to take pictures and people can see the amazing and every detail of all the places I go to.

What is the best food you’ve ever had on vacation?

The Schnitzel in Vienna was too delicious, I was there for 3 days and the dishes there are amazing. But my favourite I found in Germany. Some friends in Erlangen invited me to eat Schweinebraten, a typical German dish, and it is very delicious. I could see how they prepared it and it is great although it is a slow process, but in the end the taste is amazing...

Which city would you always be happy to return to and why?

I think I have two, I could decide between them, one is Paris with all its history, museums, parties and plans make you want to stay there every day; And the other is Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany near the border with Austria, there is the highest mountain in Germany and from there I can walk all over the Alps and reach France, I think it would be a dream to make that journey from Germany to France through the Alps.

What was your favourite memory of your stay at our Paris hostel?

All the staff are great, very friendly and open to recommending what to do or see in Paris. I loved being close to all the main places to visit in Paris and, how can I forget, the bar party is out of this world! I had an amazing night playing beer pong, dancing, making friends and drinking shots (lots of shots) because we have discounts for staying in the hostel. For me, this has been the most complete hostel I've stayed in so far.

What is your favourite thing about Paris?

I was fascinated to see all the atmosphere that is created around the Eiffel Tower and how families, couples and friends all went there to share wine and a picnic, More than the tower itself I was dazzled by how everyone meets there to celebrate life, propose marriage (I saw 2 proposals, and both WERE A YES!), it is very nice to see how everyone enjoys such a beautiful space.

Do you have any tips for visiting Paris now that you've been?

First of all, I obviously hope and recommend you always stay in St Christopher’s for comfort and a perfect base to explore the city.

Secondly, as you are close to everything by staying there, WALK Paris. It is beautiful and I can assure you that out of nowhere you can find a neighbourhood, a bar or a fantastic restaurant that will make you want to go in. It's an adventure to describe beautiful places in every street.

And thirdly, enjoy the art and Paris parties! Nowhere else in the world will you find anything so fabulous.

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