19 Mistakes You Can Make When Travelling

Have you made any of these?

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  • 24 September 2018
  • • 3 min read

We all make mistakes when travelling. Some can be pretty stupid decisions that you regret for the whole trip - whereas some mistakes are just funny moments to look back on. We asked our backpacker community on Facebook for their biggest travel mistakes, to make sure you guys don't make the same ones. Are you guilty of any of these?

Helen Hield

The biggest mistake is to not talk to people, especially the locals and other people in the hostels. You learn so much, usually have fun and sometimes get invited for dinner, a drink, a trip etc. If you can't speak the language, just use your hands & lots of smiles. It works!

Travis Galbraith

To not get cash out at the ATM the night before an early flight, then get drunk and go to the toilet and drop your wallet in a public bathroom!

Morgan Putnam

Biggest mistakes can be: not having a positive attitude, you must have a good attitude even when travel disasters happen it’s important to appreciate where you are! And sleeping too much, there’s so much to do and see and if you’re asleep you’ll miss half.

Bryan Vallente

I think the biggest mistake is planning way too many things that you forget to enjoy the moment. I know too many people who want to fit so much into a daily or weekly itinerary they come back from their trip and they never got to relish the places they visited. While a lot of places can turn out to be excellent photoshoots and FB or Instagram worthy shots, things such as learning fun filled facts or the history of the place are forgotten.

Audrey Averadère

A big mistake to make is to not check from which airport you take off. Check once and check again before leaving, no need to be on times if it's at the wrong airport... (yeah I speak from personal experience)

Tamara Pustoslemsek

I'd say to take the wrong pal with you to travel (and realise that too late lol). Nothing worse than being stuck with someone you don't get along with... trip ruined :-D

Alison Kelly

When you all decide that it’s a “great idea” to go straight to the airport after a night out on the lash before your flight

Faye Murphy

Believing Ryanair when they say they’ll “cover all expenses to get you to your final destination” after they cancel your flight. €400 I’ll never get back.

Amber Allen

Go over the baggage allowance and forget your phone charger... I’ve lost so many clothes and bought so many phone chargers

Ouafa Hammana

For me the biggest mistake is to forget Mobile on charge in a hotel room and not discovering that till you reach ur next destination

Charlie Peacocks

Reading. I spent 11 hours in an airport and got so stuck into a book I didn't realize my flight had left without me.

Kellie Higgins

Thinking you had an extra day but when you arrive at the airport realise your flight was the day before

Kieran Nash

Not looking behind you where the view can it's best

Katie Farrell

Definitely bring way too many clothes! For example going for two nights and bringing 10 outfits

Jesse Thompson

Not stay at a St Christopher Inns.

Bruno Damacena

Travel only to go on tourists places and don't enjoy the neighbourhood of your place.

Jason Smith

Passing out while relaxing at your boarding gate. No one bothers to wake you up.

Sergio Galán

Definitely forgetting your passport.

Markus Smith

Forget difference between time zones.

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