The 39 Most Annoying Things People do in Hostels

Be prepared for the most annoying hostel habits (given to us by you!)

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  • 08 May 2017
  • • 6 min read

If you haven’t stayed in a hostel, you haven’t lived. The memories you’ll make are epic, and come in all forms...the good, the bad, the crazy and the ugly. We asked our Facebook community for the most annoying things they’ve witnessed (or done) when staying in hostels…and we received an overwhelming response.

Here they are!

They may seem bad at the time, but make for hilarious moments to look back on when you return home.

Femi Chou

"The use of plastic bags really really should be banned from hostels in the mornings"

It’s true. They rustle like mad

Katie Fodera

"People speaking to loudly and night or not saying hello when you walk in the room"

Carlos Martens

"When you are in a 10 person dorm and the bunk above you is occupied by a cute girl, then a goddamn family of 8, mom, dad and six young kids ages 3-13 check into your room, suddenly changing the atmosphere from a fun rated-R movie to a rated-G cartoon"

Carlos cycling around Amsterdam

Katie MacGregor

"Snorers, people who sleep fully naked on top of their bunk and guys who get so drunk we need to shower them"

Kate Sheila Hide

"People who get smashed (drunk) and then piss the bed...when they’re on the top bunk and you’re on the bottom! This happened to me at St Christopher’s Gare Du Nord two years ago - I did find it funny though as fortunately I wasn’t in the bed at the time and the staff were super amazing and helpful at relocating me...and giving me a free drink or two in the bar"

Dominic Brookfield

"When you meet somebody really annoying at the hostel bar and try to get rid of them but they don’t leave you alone, so you decide to go have nap, wake up later and they’re in the bed next to you and continue to annoy."

Liliane Canto

"People who don’t know what sharing is (sockets, space etc)"

Liliane last summer, ready to backpack around Europe. She had the best time staying at St Christopher's wherever she could

Fransico Flores

"When you’re woken up at 5am ON CHRISTMAS DAY by the sound of a bag of then realise that the sound is coming from the couple having sex next to you...while eating the f****ing chips! Oh yeah and their naked friends were taking selfies of it all #OnlyinPrague"

Kieran Doolan

"That drunken guy who storms into the dorm at 4am then loudly tries to find his bed which takes ages. Then once he’s finally in bed he pukes on the ground leaving an awful smell and falls asleep hiccupping and snoring."

Marie-Josee St-Laurent

"Turning on the lights past 11pm. Common! Get yourself a flashlight and remind yourself that you SHARE the room with others."

Shauna Watters

"Creating a women barrier. Girls taking over the room leaving straighteners, curlers and makeup all over the floor. And basically using all plugs with no consideration for anyone else - at least that’s what we were told when we did that!"

Anthony Robert Shaw

"Laying awake at night being petrified because your bunk bed neighbour can’t stop screaming about a random man that is trying to get him in his sleep...because he suffers from sleep panic disorder."

Bryan Vallente

"The person who takes a shower in the ensuite bathroom and uses it to always let all his farts out. I guess it’s better to let them out there rather than in the room."

Jordan Kelly

"Let other roommates lure you and your friends out to the local bars and spike your drinks with amphetamines."

Shannon Barry

"Leaving the showers in the a gross state for the next person to use"

Amber Paff

"People who take lots of drugs & pass out in the showers, come to put someone else's pj's on & then urinate in someone's suitcase then climb into bed with everyone in the room (staff get brought to the room, Irish police are called, lots of screaming, swearing etc, takes 8 police & ambulance officers to take 1 skinny American girl out of the dorm.) Being woken & told that the Australian guy in the bunk below you is snoring, um just because we are both Australian doesn't mean we know each other, 4 Times she woke me. Continuous farting is another. These all happened on the one trip."

Amber was all smiles in Bavaria, Germany

Ollie Phillips

"Someone coming in drunk and then starting to climb into bed I was in, to realise it’s occupied! They were a bit freaked out and I was scarred for life."

Lucy Robinson

"Waking up at 3am to the couple in the bunk next to me having sex for over an hour...making my bunk shake, resulting in me feeling sea sick #GoodStamina"

Kylie ExOh

"Wake up before their VERY early alarm, then leave it in the room"

Lisa M Coughlan

"Unplugging people’s chargers mid-charge. Just ask and people will usually share."

Tamires Pereira

"When people leave smelly shoes in the room"

Jennifer Haydock

"Constantly going into their lockers/bags to get things at odd hours of the night"

Ryan Devine

"Pretty sure I’m the annoying one"

Kate Fitz

"Listening to my friend participate in some titty titty bang bang with the hostel worker"

Danielle Mac Carthaigh

"When the hot guys walk around in just towels"

Angela Bording

"I get that you need to wake up at 4am to catch your flight (we've all been there) but for the love of God, if you for whatever reason leave your alarm blaring in the room and make no effort to turn it off, I'll be sure to turn it off for throwing it out the third floor window"

Silke Auwers

"Hang up their thongs to dry on each available coat hanger in the room"

Roseleen Coyle

"Someone woke me up at 6am to tell me they were leaving..."

Matthew Edson

"The ones that don’t shower"

Leo Lumley

"Play terrible music on their tiny iPhone speakers"

Saskia Koster

"Claiming the air conditioning remote and putting it on -10"

Joseph Lucena

"Stealing your roommates towels. This happened to me twice in the same week!"

Luciano Ponce

"Anyone who gets so drunk and activates the fire alarm at 2am!! And we have to leave the hostel…"

Grace Dean

"Stand naked in front of you eating"

Rebecca Roze

"Let their morning alarm play through the whole song and then hit snooze, 10X!!"

Rebecca on a walking tour in Porto, Portugal

Rachel Cortesi

"When they put their stuff on your bed to dry or just hang off it when it's clearly going to be in your personal space"

Scarlett Glittermore

"Have all their friends from other rooms round when you're trying to have a mid afternoon hangover snooze!"

Catherine Martin

"Trip on the ladder to their top bunk waking you with a nice smelly sock to the face that's just done a walking tour and a pub crawl in 35/40 degree heat"

And that's why hostel memories are up there with the best of the best! They make for some hilarious moments that you'll never forget...

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