27 Most Instagrammable Spots in Berlin

Where to find the best Insta-opportunities in Berlin

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  • 29 July 2021
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Berlin is the type of city where putting your camera away for a break will last literally minutes, as there are WAY too many cool photo opportunities. The German capital is famous for its awesome architecture and insane street art which of course all make for incredible photos that you can keep looking back on time and time again. However if you’re looking to really spice up your feed on a trip to Berlin, check out these 27 Instagrammable spots in the city that’ll give you tips for lesser known photo locations and advice on where to get the best shot in each place…

1. Berlin Cathedral on Museum Island behind the statues

Berlin Cathedral on Museum Island is a seriously cool looking building. But for a photo of it that’s a little different to others, follow the Vera-Brittain-Ufer pathway along the River Spree until you come across the Three Girls One Boy statues by Wilfried Fitzenreiter.

2. ‘Some Heads’ at the East Side Gallery...

The East Side Gallery is COVERED in Instagram opportunities so you prepare to fill your camera with 1.3 kilometres worth of photos! Make sure to strike a pose in front of Thierry Noir’s eye-popping ‘Some Heads’ - you’ll do well to miss it.

3. The colourful mural of the swirling faces...

Another one for the gram. This section of the wall is the perfect spot for a selfie or mini photoshoot.

4. And, of course, the iconic ‘Fraternal Kiss’

There’s no leaving the East Side Gallery without a photo of perhaps the most iconic of all the artwork on the wall.

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5. Tiergarten from the Victory Column

For one of the most stunning panoramic views of Berlin, head up to the observation deck of the Victory Column in the middle of Berlin’s Tiergarten. Climb up to the top (for a small fee) and you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of the entire gardens and the city skyline in the distance. The gardens turn a beautiful shade of orange and reds in the autumn making it a perfect time to visit.

6. The Victory Column itself

The column itself is pretty Insta-worthy too, wouldn’t you say?

7. Brandenburg Gate

You can’t leave Berlin without a visit to one of the city’s grandest monuments, Brandenburg Gate. Try visiting at dusk or once the sun sets to capture it a little differently to most people who tend to have photos of it in daylight.

8. The TV Tower and World Clock at Alexanderplatz

For a cool shot from Alexanderplatz stand in front of the world clock making sure to get the city’s tallest structure, the TV Tower, in the background.

Fun fact: The world clock (or ‘Urania World Clock’) shows the current time in 148 major cities around the world… On one clock?!

9. Sunset from Elsenbrücke

You’ll do well to come across a spot much better for a brilliant Berlin sunset than over Elsenbrücke - the bridge connecting Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Treptow-Köpenick. Head over the bridge, look west and you’ll be greeted with a stunning view of the Molecule Man sculpture, the TV Tower and the Oberbaum Bridge in front of the setting sun.

10. Viktoriapark Waterfall

Stand in front of the water that cascades down the rocky slope, with green foliage and delicate flowers lining either side. Angle it so the church spire peers through the top for that perfect photo.

11. Klunkerkranich rooftop

There’s a lot we could say about this rooftop bar. The setting AND the view (during the day AND at sunset) is definitely worthy of an Insta. Head here in the summer for drinks and good vibes under the sun.

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12. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

There’s no doubt that this truly unique Holocaust memorial makes for an amazing photograph, just bear in mind why the blocks were put there in the first place before you start posing for photos. Remember to take photos with respect.

13. Teufelsberg

Look down at the two golf ball-like structures on top of Teufelsberg, a man-made hill made from the rubble left over from the Second World War. You’ll get a great shot of them both plus the forest goes on for miles around.

Fun fact: Jens Voigt, a former professional cyclist, rode up and down the hill for 27 hours STRAIGHT in January 2017. His ride came to 9,000 metres in altitude - that’s higher than Mount Everest!

14. Oberbaum Bridge and the yellow train

Oberbaum Bridge is the most beautiful and most famous of bridges in Berlin. Stand back, wait for the yellow train to pass over it and snap that camera. You won’t get a better picture than that!

15. House of Small Wonder

Possibly the most Instagrammable spot for a coffee in the entire city, head to Johannisstraße street and into the House of Small Wonder. The entrance is so charming that it would be rude not to take photos!

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16. Inside the Reichstag Dome

Yes, people head up to the Reichstag Dom for the panoramic views, but the inside of the glass dome makes for an awesome photo in itself.

Fun fact: The views from the Reichstag Dom are free! Just book a slot online (well in advance) and you’ll get a free audio guide, too.

17. Charlottenburg Palace from the gardens

One of Berlin’s most stunning buildings obviously means an Insta-opportunity is coming your way. From the palace gardens you’ll get a really bright, colourful photo, even on a gloomy day.

18. Inside Charlottenburg Palace

Did you know you can go inside? It may be even more photogenic than the outside. Once you get to the Green Room and look up, you’ll see why…

19. Landwehr Canal

Landwehr Canal runs right through the heart of Berlin and it is full of endless pretty photo opportunities all through the year. The floating homes along either side make it look so calm and quaint, creating a really stunning photo like this one.

20. Abandoned amusement park

Spreepark was once a place for thrillseekers to let loose, now it’s totally abandoned and full of its eerie leftovers. Find the old ferris wheel amongst the shrubs, or the coaster tracks running through the tiger’s mouth for a really cool pic.

21. The upside-down bar

Madame Claude is Berlin’s one and only upside down bar. Yes, it literally has chairs and tables planted on the ceiling while you eat and drink with gravity holding you up the right way. Get your camera out and get a good snap of the whole thing, then later edit it so everyone else looks the wrong way around - clever, right?!

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22. Markthalle Neun

The flower stand in Markthalle Neun is picture-perfect!

23. The hostel rooftop at St Christopher's Inns

The new St Christopher's Inns hostel in Berlin Mitte has a dreamy rooftop terrace where you can spend your evenings under the stars. Check out our new hostel .

24. And the view from it...

BUT do not try this stunt from the roof! Just enjoy the views from the terrace right next to it!

25. Sunsets over the Spree

There's nothing like watching the sun go down over the River Spree. You can catch a view like this from any riverbank in Berlin.

26. The yellow trams

Berlin's tramway system is not only an efficient and cost-effective way to get around the city, but it also adds a pop of colour to any photo! If you want to make your Berlin landscape shot more Instagrammable, just wait for a tram to pass before you snap!

27. Berlin at Christmas

The Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market is one of the most Instagrammable places in Berlin come December with classic star-topped tends and a seriously photogenic backdrop since it's located between three beautiful and rather significant buildings (The Deutscher Dom, The Konzerthaus and the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche). If you're in Berlin over the festive season, don't miss it!

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